Thursday, July 27, 2017

Simplicity 8105

A quick post about a quick tee I made for Liddy.
The Simplicity 8105 
I saw this pattern on Lara's instagram and thought it was perfect for my girls too.
I sewed up the largest size (a 14 I think) in a stretchy cotton/modal knit that I purchased from DK's Fabric in Adelaide. From memory it was $30/m and quite wide.
I made a Deer&Doe Plantain, this tee and a O+S Field Trip tee for Trixie from 1.5m.
Fabrics with modal have a lovely drape and great recovery but they can be a wee bit shifty to sew. I find notches are essential and pins very useful.
I wish I had cut the side panels so that the stripe was running in
the other direction.

I was a bit stressed about fitting all the pattern pieces, the top is very wide and swing-y. I am a bit cross I did not take more care, the  directional stripes would have been far more professional looking.
~My Verdict~
A nice pattern that sewed up well but it was a pain in the bum as PDF's go.
It made a huge sheet, didn't fit together nicely and I had to download software to print it.
I like PDF patterns, I will generally purchase them over paper but not with Big4, not again.
I am sure this pattern will be on the repeat list, now I have put the jolly thing together...

~Lidia's Verdict~
This Tee is so comfortable and I love the fabric. It is perfectly silky on my skin and so stretchy at the same time. I love the way it stands out with my gold leggings.
It is gorgeous and Mummy is amazing.  

Thank you for reading.

xx N