Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Big Book Report

For the Twins next clothing choice I suggested they go with a casual outfit. Something comfy to wear for travel or in the evening.
Elsa plumped for the Book Report dress by oliver+s ,but in a knit.
The Twins are 'out' of the sizes now but I thought I would have a go at enlarging the pattern.
I figured the knit would be forgiving and if all else failed it could be finished as a nightie.
At the elbow I cut the pattern and added an inch.
To the centre front and back pieces(including the facings)I added 3/4 inch to the fold. Thus 1 1/2 inches to the width.
I moved the pleat markings accordingly.
The bottom edge of the top piece is slightly shaped so I cut and lengthened about half way down the pattern piece.
I added 3 inches to the front and back pieces.
I am really happy with the proportions.
It was definitely not as tricky as I thought it would be.
Elsa is pretty happy with it too!
Very very comfortable.
But very very snappy.
The nitty gritty kitty.
Love this pattern,love love love the instructions and followed them to the letter.
The only step I added was to topstitch the very front neck line as the knit was turning.
I don't think it would be an issue with a woven fabric.

I have the PDF version and I am super impressed with it. Rather then tape lots of pages of paper to create a massive pattern sheet,the smaller pieces are printed on individual sheets and the bigger pieces are taped together to create that single piece ie sleeve or dress upper back.
It makes sense if you see it.

PS The pockets are soooo cute!
xx N

Friday, April 12, 2013


No,not for me.
Remember this wedding?

Well,now they have a sweet little baby girl.

And I made a dress.
Its the Bubble dress by oliver+S and it is bee-you-ti-ful!
I used some of my precious precious Tula Pink Bunny Damask.
As I was making one I thought I may as well make two!
I have noticed that this back placket can cause a bit of confusion.
Its detailed in the instructions but then is not shown in the subsequent diagrams(much like stay-stitching).
I made a pair to send to my girlfriend Johanna and I muffed this step even though I had written a tutorial(see here).
Its the sweetest little pattern and as quick to sew as a Tea Party dress so perfect as a go-to-gift!

Makes me clucky (Answer #1)
xx N

Tuesday, April 9, 2013