Friday, April 12, 2013


No,not for me.
Remember this wedding?

Well,now they have a sweet little baby girl.

And I made a dress.
Its the Bubble dress by oliver+S and it is bee-you-ti-ful!
I used some of my precious precious Tula Pink Bunny Damask.
As I was making one I thought I may as well make two!
I have noticed that this back placket can cause a bit of confusion.
Its detailed in the instructions but then is not shown in the subsequent diagrams(much like stay-stitching).
I made a pair to send to my girlfriend Johanna and I muffed this step even though I had written a tutorial(see here).
Its the sweetest little pattern and as quick to sew as a Tea Party dress so perfect as a go-to-gift!

Makes me clucky (Answer #1)
xx N


  1. Both dresses are absolutely darling! So dainty in the itty bitty sizes.:)

  2. Love the bunny fabric. I have yet to figure out the back placket illustration despite having made this dress many times! When I saw this as WIP, I truly thought you might be...well, you know. Sigh. Just the same, the Bubble dress makes for a perfect gift. It's my favourite O+S pattern. Your dresses looks so sweet.

    1. Thank you Deb,I adore this print.
      The back placket sneaks up on you,their is a dot on the pattern but if you forget to mark it its automatic to attach the bodice and skirt edges together.

      I may keep one for my 'bottom drawer'.... it will be handing as a gift-to-go.
      Believe me,I would love to be,'you know'.

      xx N

      PS A few post back,Hugo the Builder',he requested a special photo for you.

  3. I love how you couldn't resist making a second one :-) They're beautiful. I sewed an Ottobre version recently, the little sizes are just so cute. The only time I experienced true 'cluckiness' was when I returned to work when my first was 3 months - it's such a physical ache ((hugs)) x

  4. Angela,this would be a wonderful baby outfit in our summer for a boy or girl. No seams to rub tender skin,it is full enough for a cloth nappy and would pull up for quick changes.

    I have only ever had to leave mine for work for a few months(with the Twins and it was too awkward) as Hugo came with me.
    It must be terrifying to trust someone with your infant. I know how some of my mums were!
    (I was a Nanny)

    xx N

  5. Oh my goodness, teeny weeny little bubble dresses. What could be cuter than that? So sweet.

  6. You have to make one for Maggie!