Friday, October 12, 2012

Sneaky Chickadee

I am in the middle of a school uniform sewing kick.
Yes,it is a bit dull.
So I am trying to liven things up a bit by sneaking in some snappy details and pretty facings.
One of the pieces is the Chickadee skirt.
Which I made for Lid's&Tilly previously.
And I blogged here.
I was pinning the front section to sew when I thought I would check the fit on Elsa/Zara's skirt.
Just as well,perfect in the waist but no way was it going to go over their hips!
After a brief Spray&Wipe lady moment I decided to make it a buttoned wrap skirt!
It was a simple matter to mark the button holes using the pattern markings as a guide.
Don't faint Colette-Not MOP!
I used a good quality faux tortoise shell button,I simply marked the placement through the cut button holes.
And there we have it!
A cute Chickadee skirt with a sneaky secret!
(Oh,I also added a wee pocket for a hankersniff and a pencil)

x N