Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting Jiggy with Figgy's-Part 2

(Posh voice&doof-doof music playing)Welcome,welcome back to the section part to our Fashion Parade.
Please turn your mobiles off-Thank yoop!

Now to inject some colour into our sophisticated monochromatic palette.

(The colour previously known as apricot but that conjured up too many images of 80's carpet,velour sofa's&100% polyester satin sheets)
We revisit the adorable Ayashe skirt in this ensemble,pairing it again with the Sunki leggings,but this time adding a stunning Ayashe blouse in a divine stylised floral print. This piece was made exclusively for House of Nicole by Daisy-Girl PTYLTD.
Teamed with suede new high boots this outfit says serious play ground fun!
Of course a girl can't wear boots everywhere!
Black patent ballet flats with white knee high socks give a distinctly
girly feel but still looking sharp!
Throw on a fabulous hat and grab a bouncy friend and you are all set for an adventure!
Continuing with coral(he he)we mix it up some more with an Ikat Sunki tunic and leggings.
With a suede flats and a voile ombre scarf casually wrapped around ones neck it is a warm ensemble that is seriously cool!
We love those pockets!
Now we funky up that Sunki!
Swop the leggings to charcoal,add some boots and mummy's birthday pearls and we completely change the tone.
Slip on an Ayashe skirt and we are ready to go out for a meal with friends.
Try it tucked Baby-Grrrrrrrr
We finish off our parade today with a Sunki dress. Its not a wedding gown but it is demure,pretty and very chic.
It is made from the smoothest of stretch cotton poplin,with pink micro gingham contrast pockets,a vintage crochet edge braid and the perfect shade of green buttons.
Worn over the Sunk leggings it is both fabulous and functional.
Thank you so very much for joining us her today,we hope you have enjoyed our little show.
All designs are available from Figgy's and for valet parking chuck your keys to Hugo.

He he he he he
Tilly and I had fun any way
x N

Getting Jiggy with Figgy's Part 1

I always mean to do this,make a selection of mix and match outfits and do a photo shoot.
I wanted to do this with Liddy in her Clever Charlotte clothes. (Now she has grown and I missed the boat).

Not this time....

Getting ready.....
(Groovy music plays)
(Posh voice-over)
First up we have the Ayashe  blouse by Figgy's in a crisp white poplin. The facings have been reversed and trimmed with vintage cotton lace. The bottom casing is threaded with a double sided satin ribbon;left un-gathered for this ensemble.
This sweet blouse was inspired by the well renowned artisan Sarvi.
It is worn with the versatile Sunki leggings in a charcoal cotton/lycra knit
The back has delicate shaping to the sides and features pretty gathers at the lined yoke.
With a gentle tug to the ribbon draw string the blouse becomes blouson. Paired with a straw hat it has a distinctly 50's feel with the leggings looking every bit as snappy as slim line pants.
Next we have an Ayashe skirt in a linen/silk/cotton cloth with mother-of-pearl buttons.
A slightly more demure look but still very functional for play.
A change of shoes and a lovely hat and we are ready for a baby-chino with a groovy godmother.
Moving quickly on.
For cooler weather try the long sleeve Ayashe. This version features elastic roulette closures with heart shaped mother-of-pearl buttons.

Off course the long sleeve blouse looks equally stylish with the leggings.
Taking a step back to the traditional look,worn with white knee highs and Mary-Janes,the Ayashe is both pretty and snappy.
Strike a pose!
Granny has gone home and it is time for a party.
With a quick change of shoes and hair accessories its time get your groove on.
Doesn't everyone raid the chook shed for notions,Dahling?
We shall take an intermission now for refreshments,
And bribes,

And we shall return soon with more wonderful clothes.

He he he he  x N & xxxxx T

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shiny Sunday

During winter our weekends are pretty busy.
Jed takes Saturday morning off to take the tribe to footy/netball.

 We try and make a day of it, Visit any local 'touristy' things or craft shops in the town that is hosting or pop around to any relatives or friends in the area.

We get home about 2 pm and Jed goes off to work until about 7:30 or so. Hugo usually takes a solid 2-3 hour kip(he plays hard)and the girls will read or make craft(beading,painting,hand sewing).
Pussy Hotel
Lucky CoCo
Doesn't everyone paint in their knickers?
Often they will watch a movie or a couple of episodes of Worsel Gummidge- A favourite!

But Sundays......are shiny!
We try and get to Mass every 5 weeks or so as it is a bit of a drive,we usually go on and do our big food shop afterwards and take the Fab Five to McDonald's for a snack and play.
Shiny family.

The other Sundays are spent making our home shiny.
Since Matilda's birth there are some thing I just can't do,namely hovering,mopping and making beds.
I had a cleaning lady for a little while and she was great but not looking to take on any new clients.
Jed is a fantastic bloke. He drives us where ever we need to go,always goes to appointments with me,makes the crappy phone calls but he does not do cleaning.
So that left the senior Fab Three!

Zara and Elsa do most of it,Hugo helps with the heavy stuff and Liddy sorts toy cupboards,tidy's book shelves and minds Tildy.

Rather then paying cash,we run an account book. The house cleaners have the potential to earn $30 each for a thorough job done.
They lose $5 immediately for arguing.
This week the Twins earned the full $30 for the first time.
Did they hit E-bay with a vengeance!
Shiny floors and surfaces.

Jed and Hugo work on the house renovations. At present they are re-building my laundry.
It is taking a while as they are using all recycled materials.
I love watching them.
As Hugo has an after school job as a gopher(he goes for this and goes for that)for a house builder,he has a far bit of knowledge accumulated.
Seeing him explain to dad that the nails are only to support the gyprock until the glue dried brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.
Shiny home.

And me?
Well,An Army Marches on its Stomach!
I cook.
This morning it was eggs&bake for the troops with french toast running with butter and golden syrup.
Morning tea was chilli chutney on turkish bread topped with colby cheese and a good strong pot of Earl Grey.
For lunch I made scotch eggs with a thai twist,lots of ginger and coriander as well as fish sauce mixed into the sausage meat.
Served with tomato and  cucumber they were so good!

For afternoon tea I made melting moments.
Don't make these if you are watching your weight! 
They went very nicely with another pot of tea,English Breakfast this time.

By supper time everyone was pretty tired,but not too tired for apple crumble and ice cream(a major treat in our home,I drove into town to buy some) washed down with cocoa.

Shiny happy tummies.

Four tired tribe members are in bed reading,I am feeding number five off to sleep now.
I have a little platter of fruit and cheese in the larder for Jed and I which will go nicely with a shiny glass of wine.

Shiny Mummy&Daddy.

There you go,a shiny little post about nothing in particular.

Go and have a shiny day!

x N

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Skinny Sunki for my Mini Monkey

Last week I made this funky little number for Matilda.
Its the gorgeous Sunki from Figgy's Patterns.
We both love it but the fit was a bit wide for her tiny frame and it was falling off her shoulder.
I have just enough fabric to make another from the Ikat but I thought I would make a muslin first.
After cutting out the Ayashe blouse in the short and long sleeve views for Tildy I had enough scraps to whip up a muslin. I didn't intend to finish it-just sew enough to get a better idea of fit.
But it turned out so cute I HAD to sew it up!
I was lucky enough to get some tips from the designer herself.
By simply moving the pattern front and back over the edge of the fabric(by half an inch in Tildy's case)it removed the extra ease without changing the look of the dress at all.
I added about three inches to the hem to make it less tunic/more dress.
I felt is was a little wishy washy for winter so I fished out some very very old cotton ribbon with a dainty crochet trim. There was just enough to add a piece to the front and make a tiny bow.
The lime green buttons were Tildy's choice.
And they matched the Figgy's labels perfectly.
To continue the 'Mod' look I used a dark charcoal zipper.
I like it peeping out.
The alteration doesn't affect the pockets one little bit.
There you have it......a pair of Sunki's(groan)

Next up Ayashe blouse and skirt.

x N

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Funky in her Sunki

The lovely Justine sent me this pattern last year.
I had seen it and loved it but was really really trying not to buy anymore patterns.
A few weeks back,Jed and I had a dirty weekend in Adelaide(well,he went to an Ag College reunion and then on to a titty bar whilst I sat in a hotel room and hand sewed Zara's dress-with Matilda as company).

Any hoo,His Nibs was feeling a wee bit guilty the next day and took me to Spotlight(AUS version of Joanne's)and minded Tildy so I could have a good poke about!
First I found this little lot.
It is a linen/rayon mix. I found it covering its eyes with shame at the indignity at being plonked in a Sale box with Dora polar fleece(shudder).
To me it said 'Sunki'and'Help'!so I bought what was left on the roll.
This left Lidia and Matilda. For Lids I found some stretch drill in a oriental blossom print and for Tildy I found this!
An Ikat printed stretch drill.
Yes,it came from Spotlight,it was $15 a metre and there was bog's left.
Now,I have admitted to being not the greatest fan of Ikat prints but this is one of those patterns that deserves a good fabric choice.
And this pattern looks awesome in Ikat.
Tildy's measurements put her in the 18 mo size.
As a tunic it is perfect. I will add some length to make a dress.
I may take a little off the centre front and back to make it a bit  snugger fitting. I think that would look cute!
I love it with her long boots.
She loves the pockets!
And the stretchy leggings.
Which fit beautifully.
I think,sized up,they would make a snappy pair of capri pants in stretch drill.
So,what are you waiting for?
Go and get funky in your Sunki.