Sunday, April 28, 2019

OOP Simplicity 7378 Vintage Dungarees for Beatrix

Next on the Holiday sewing  list, some dungarees for Trixie.
I have always been a fan of dungarees.
They stop babies coming apart in the middle.
I have made many pairs and love them all.
This sew is particularly sentimental as this pattern came from my late mother's pattern collection.
She possibly sewed it for me!
In another bitter-sweet coincidence, the pink wide-wale cord was from her stash too and I know she made me a skirt from it.
My mother really 'got' Trixie. She let her warm up and come to her for a cuddle, when she was ready.
She ignored her tantrums (as the best Nan's do) and always had a beetle in a matchbox or spare chocolate biscuit in the tin by her chair, just for her.
The pattern is size 3 but had plenty of leg length and body length (which surprised me, I usually have to add both) so I will keep this one in circulation and possibly sew it again for her.
I did add a few inches to the straps but I actually didn't need to. They are already very long.
photo by #tillytinyphotograper 
Trixie has shot up but thinned down so the 3 is a good fit.
The enamelled shell buttons are large and smooth and she can manage them herself when she goes to the lavvy.
I used glossy black ones, stitched with mustard yellow thread.
photo by #tillytinyphotograper 
She is a shocker to keep a jumper on so I like the extra warmth the covered middle gives her.
photo by #tillytinyphotograper 
I have got a bit caught out, clothing wise, for Trixie.
She has beautiful frocks coming out the wazoo as we are given  many gorgeous, hand-made things(we are so lucky) but by the time Tilly was Trixie's size she was in Year 2 at school (#tinytillyphotographer indeed) so her bottoms are worn out!
I do let her wear the dresses, I believe clothes are meant to be worn and I think far more things are ruined in the laundry than being worn and I am a careful laundress.
However, Trixie plays hard and trousers are just more practical.
photo by #tillytinyphotograper 
It is a treat to sew something so quick and easy that you know is going to get a lot of wear.
photo by #tillytinyphotograper 
~My Verdict~
A very nice vintage pattern.
The instructions take you through flat felling all the seams (I didn't bother) so you can get a perfect finish, if you wish.
There is no way the dungarees would go over a cloth nappy but are just fine over knickers and I think a disposable would be fine.
I was working with scraps of fabric and the nice, slim leg panels facilitated that well.
~Trixie's Verdict~
I like the buttons, they are nice and black and I can undo them myself.
They are pink, I like pink.
I like the yellow shoes too.
photo by #tillytinyphotograper 
Thank you for reading... xx N

Trixie is wearing School Bus and Field Trip t-shirts by Oliver+S, her vest was knitted for her by Sarvi Chan. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

OOP McCalls 2581 Winter coat for Beatrix

So, Pinterest, my dirty little time waster...
So many beautiful images.
Case in point.
Image from Pinterest.
I LOVE this look.
The colour, the styling, love it!
I had to make it for Trixie.
I purchased this pattern in a mixed bundle from eBay.
What caught my eye is the raglan sleeve. I love that detail and it also makes cutting economical, which is good, because....
~Back story~
I purchased this heavy wool coating from Eliza Fabric, last year. 
I was looking for this colour and so excited to find it.
There was 2 m left on the roll so I took the lot ($12/m)
(I figured a coat for Trixie and a vest for Hugo) #ninjacutting
As per usual I pre-washed my fabric before putting it away.
I pre-wash, with Softly, in the machine on a wool cycle.
I have never had an issue.
Until this fabric, it shrunk, a lot.
I could have cried. My 2 m ended up not quite 1.5 m. 
It was also super thick, like felted thick but not distorted in anyway.
So I figured I would give it a go.
Cutting was a nightmare, it was so thick that my tissue paper pattern was tearing as I tried to cut!
Sewing was a little tricky.
I made my stitch length smaller (2.5) as it was gaping a  little.
I also hand tacked the inside seams in place to avoid bulk under the arm.
Sewing the facing the coat, catching the collar, was I N S A N E
I used clover clips and turned the wheel to move the needle.
I didn't put my foot on the pedal once.
I broke clover clips on this bad boy!
But totally worth it.
So, so cute!
The cape is fully removable and attaches at the shoulders with sew in poppers.
These are hidden under the collar when not in use.
Trixie badly wanted pink buttons and this lovely, lush, quality bobble fringe remnant from Spotlight.
As she agreed to the green-brown wool for a coat I was happy to oblige.
I lined it with stretch satin.
The last of the copper coloured stretch satin I purchased at Eliza Fabrics #ninjacutting.
We chose a pink, double sided satin ribbon to fasten it.
There is something a little bit special about this sew.
It looks just as lovely without the cape.
The enamelled shell buttons are a pretty touch.
I edge-stitched to try and tame the thick fabric.
The pockets are lined with the same lining and I cut it slightly smaller so it pulled the edges of the pocket under, neatly.
I love this copper coloured satin, I am sad to see it all used up.
It is a wee bit big.
Nothing a quick fold of the sleeves won't fix.
It is so warm and snuggly.
And just so cute!
But plenty of movement for play.
~Trixie's Verdict~
It's pretty, really pretty. I like the poms poms.
It's so soft.
It will keep the snow off (we don't get snow, NMK) ;)
~My Verdict~
I was so disappointed when I spoilt this fabric but I am very pleased with the result.
The cloth is so thick, almost too thick.
I trimmed the facing back to remove some bulk.
(The pattern called for you to just neatly fold the excess under the facing, not trim, but it was so fat and unsightly. I pressed it well, while folded in and then unfolded it and trimmed it back, 1 cm above the fold lines. This fabric was not going to fray)
The pattern also directs you to sew the collar and facings to the coat and then the lining to the edge of he facing.
This is a lot easier to do, especially working with such a thick cloth.
I followed the instructions, hand sewing the lining to the main rather than bagging it. It took a little longer but the thought of manipulating the thick cloth scared me a little so I was happy to do as directed. 
The size 4 is nice and roomy, hopefully Trixie will get two years wear from it.
Thank you for reading... xx N

Friday, April 12, 2019

OOP Simplicity 6712 Dress for Beatrix

It's nearly time for holidays....
I am so excited!
So I have started holiday sewing.
Beatrix's list is made up of a dress, a coat, two pairs of dungarees, a tracksuit and some trousers.
I have wanted to sew this little dress f o r e v e r.
It is a late 1950's pattern, the pieces are pre-cut but have no written markings, just perforated notches and numbers.
I love the A-line style which is also very practical for play, not too full, not too foofy. 
The fabric is a linen/cotton from Spotlight, I picked it up for $4 from the remnant bin.
As the dress is for Autumn/Winter I dropped a poplin lining in it, sewing the main and lining separately, basting the right sides together and the attaching the facings over the top.
I hand sewed the facing edge to the lining taking care not to catch the main dress.
I also hand sewed the sleeve lining to the cuff, covering the raw edges.
The front yoke is stitched in separately, catching the ruffle.
It was huge and seemed way too big but once eased in place it fitted perfectly.
The self bow at the front is the cherry on top!
It reminds me a lot of the gorgeous O+S Playdate dress without the fitting over the head issues.
Be still my beating heart.
The size 4 is roomy enough, perhaps a smidgen too big?
Beatrix has always been quite solid but seems to be becoming more 'little girl string bean' than 'toddler chub'.
I may have to start sewing to her chest and adding length.
The advantage is that I can put a merino spencer under this and she may get two years wear!
(Maybe more)
Worn with her pretty, pink socks and shoes it is a feminine but not too fussy look.
Vintage, but the bold, rusty coloured background with the ivory polka dot is very modern.
~My Verdict~
I found this pattern in an Op-Shop a few years ago.
It was in Tildy's basket and then was swopped to Trixie's and I was determined not to miss out sewing it up, this time!
Its simple design belies the time it took to sew.
With the ruffles (finished with a tiny double hem) the yoke, the full lining and the hand sewing it was a solid sew.
But it was my sort of solid sew. I really enjoy this sort of garment construction.
Thank you for reading... xx N