Sunday, November 29, 2015

Class Picnic Costume

I got off very easily with costumes this year.
So far....
Matilda's class is dancing to a Beach Boy medley.
'Beachy clothes' were requested as a costume.
Tilly had bathers but she really really wanted a costume.
Class Picnic top and shorts
Tilly always loved Liddy's shorts and top.
With help from the Twins, we put together a fun, bright ensemble that should have good stage presence.
The rayon was horrid to sew. I pinned, matched notches' and held my breath.
The shorts made in taslon will drip dry quickly. They make great swim shorts.
I just tacked the bobble fringe on for fun. If it deteriorates I can remove it without any damage to the shorts.
It is a pretty cute little outfit.
I am not sure how long the rayon will last, it was pretty flimsy to sew but as more seams were sewn, it seemed a lot more stable.
But seeing it is, in theory, a costume, any extra wear is a bonus.
I think there will be extra wear.

The nitty-gritty kitty.
A cute little pattern, very O+S.

I think the shorts are overlooked but my children prefer them to the famous Puppet Show.  I have a tute here, if you want some hand holding.

My girls lurve this top, it is their go to play top.
The neck can cause a few issues.

I have a step by step tute here if it does for you.

This is another, ostensibly, girls pattern but I would absolutely sew it for a little boy.
In fact, when I sewed the last lot up for Tilly I made them unisex, just in case. 

xx N

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ship Ahoy!

Another cute outfit for my little cutie.
The Sailboat top and pants
I made this top many times for the Twins but didn't really sew it for Lidia as she had quite wide shoulders and it can be tricky to get on.
Trixie only wore Tilly's once and I gave up, 'child abuse clothing'
This is the 12-18month size and it is okay to get on but does take some baby origami to get her arms in.

I sewed it in linen, beautiful pale coral linen, using Liberty for the neck and hem facings.
Trixie's signature flower shaped MoP buttons sewn with tangerine embroidery thread for a pop of colour.
And tiny wee gingham bows as everything is better with a bow on it.
The trousers are too cute!
I used Liesl's idea to add a Liberty ruffle to the side seam.
A little fiddly, took me an extra hour but so worth it.
The fabric came in a de-stash from a local woman. I suspect it is very old, being 90cm wide. I don't know what it is... serge? But it took a very hot iron.
I went with big, enamel shell buttons sewn with light jade thread.
I am really happy with the fit, a little bit big, so lots of wearing time and hopefully the trousers will still fit once she is out of nappies (sob)
Baby feet!
I am really pleased with this one.
I think it will get worn a lot.
Gratuitous tummy shot.
Tribe's last item of clothing will be going straight to her new tiny cousins.
Note to self, the Hopscotch dress need a very stretchy knit for my gi-normous headed bebe's.
Beatrix's turn on the #sewingrota done!

xx N

Monday, November 23, 2015

Oliver+S 2+2 blouse and Puppet Show shorts for Beatrix

I do love the 2+2 blouse by Oliver+S.
So much so I blogged a step by step tute.
Pair them with Puppet Show shorts
With a nice flat front waistband.
And you have a perfect outfit for play.
The fabric was another remnant from my Melbourne fabric shopping trip.
It is a funny, double layered sort of stuff. Definitely cotton or linen, it took a very hot iron.
I wanted to keep the look simple so I went with a self patch and swopped the ties for a bias loop and flower MoP button 
(Trixie's signature Liberty and button)
 I  can't believe this is the first time I have made the short sleeve.
It is delightful.
To make sewing such a tiny hem easier I attached the binding before sewing the side seam.
I stitched the buttons with coral embroidery silk.
Sturdy and very very beautiful.
The shorts are made from a super soft linen/cotton. The pockets trimmed with cotton Broderie lace, blatantly copying Ana Sofia yet again.
 The shorts fit like wee knickerbockers.
The sleeves are so sweet.
Hands up who thinks it is adorable?
'Oh no'
Kiss for Sophie!
Love her!

I am having so much fun sewing for her.

xx N

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Puppet Show Perfection

So, I have been sewing for Trixie.
So much fun!
I made her a Puppet Show dress with some gorgeous cotton Broderie sent to me by the gorgeous Ana Sofia.
As per her measurements I made the 12-18 month size.
With Trixie's signature flower MoP buttons.
I use a slightly different method to finish the bodice, a little sturdier and a bit quicker if you would like a peep.
But the hem is all O+S, beautiful.
And speaking of beautiful.....
How sweet is this?
I was fretting it would be too long but it is perfect.
Just right for toddling in if she ever decides to walk.
(I am in no hurry for that)
I just love having a baby in the house.
Who wouldn't?

xx N

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I had next to no clothes that fit and Hugo's party was fast approaching.
The Twins put together this gorgeous ensemble but I was very nervous about the white jeans.
'No, I was not too old but I must not make them too tight'.
I used the excellent Ginger jeans that I had made once before. My last pair are a wee bit firm so I left extra ease with these.
I shouldn't have, as I used a very stretchy thick denim I purchased from Spotlight and last time I used a rigid denim. You can guess what has happened.
They have grown, but I don't care they are so comfy I could do yoga in them and I know now to take them in a bit more.
See that lovely fly finish?
Seriously, buy this pattern for the instructions.
And look at the lovely tummy ease I could add, a little too much in hindsight and by the end of the evening I looked a wee bit podgy but I was so comfortable.
Be kind!
I have quite a tummy and normally jeans are so uncomfortable, these are bloody brilliant.
I hope I can find some more of this denim in black.
I need to take the waistband off and remove a 'V' from the back and an inch or so off the waistband itself.
Once that is done, I think they will be perfect.
I look forward to my next turn of the rota. I have some lovely blue denim with the perfect amount of stretch for my next pair.
Hugo designed his own outfit choosing both fabrics from Eliza's of Sunshine.
He requested another pair of Jedediah's.
(Love it when you get a pattern that works)
More fabric from our Melbourne shopping trip.
Cocoa coloured stretch cotton sateen.
Proper smart!

Thanks for popping in.

xx N