Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Queue Jumping Part 1

Alas, poor Jed.
He got bounced.
For Hugo and Me!
First up, the shirts.
Both are Aime Comme Marie beauties.
The Madame for moi (see what I did there)
And the Monsieur for Beamish.
Two awesome patterns, I review them here and here.
I swopped the Madame collar out with the Monsieur but I didn't shorten it quite enough.
My collar stand 'ate' my collar!
I had no more fabric (another remnant from the wonderful Eliza's Fabric in Sunshine) and had next to no time left to make another so I asked for help.
And my sewing homies gathered behind me, you guys Rock!
So I left it status quo.
My signature speckly voile for the back yoke (nearly all gone-sob)
I love the back darts and the two piece sleeve placket.
For Hugo....
Bone and mustard stripe stretch cotton poplin.
(Again, from my Sunshine shopping trip)
Reversed MoP buttons with red stitching (thank you Brains trust)
And the token red button holes.
Again with the stylish back darts, shaped yoke and two piece sleeve plackets.
Le sigh.

Next, the bottoms!

xx N


  1. Both shirts look great, Nicole!

  2. These shirts are absolutely stunning!
    One day, I want to sew a shirt just like that ...

    1. Ana Sofia, you would sew these shirts, I am sure.
      Start with the Mister for your big boy.
      Thank you.
      xx N