Friday, June 11, 2021

Lekala blouse #4293 and Deer and Doe Chataigne shorts for Matilda

*Please note, I have a moving slideshow further down my blogpost, please be aware if you are photo sensitive*

 I am hoping to have family photos taken in June. After a group chat, we decided we would like something a little edgy similar to a cast photo.

Lidia was super helpful and started a Pinterest board tagging my Sister in law, who's business Adelaide Portrait Studios is taking them for us.

Image from Pinterest
Deciding on a colour 'scheme' was next. I felt very uncomfortable 'telling' my adult children (and their partners) what to wear so Elsa suggested choosing a palette, and working from that.
After much discussion in the Keller group chat we came up with the above.
Tilly was keen to wear Lidia's coat and asked for some new pieces to wear with it.
First, a blouse.
Tilly chose the flouncy Lekala #4293 made in a linen/cotton mixed leftover from Trixie's new dress. (To be blogged)

The fabric was from deep stash and I think I was given it from a dear neighbour when she retired from dressmaking.
Thank you Mrs Brady!
The blouse is lovely with lots of details.
It has a seperate front placket, collar stand, tulip sleeves and lots of lovely darts for a good fit.

I love a good shoulder dart!

The underarm seam is finished with binding which you could hand sew in place for a clean finish (Tilly will/is wearing this a lot so I wanted it sturdy so I machine sewed)
The pattern had a single layer for the tulip but I choose to self line rather then have an hemmed edge.

The flounces are supposed to be finished with a machine rolled hem but I just couldn't get it to work. My machine kept eating the flounce!
So I gave up, cut a new one and finished with a very narrow zigzag.
She loves it!

She has some growth room (which is great) but we are very happy with the fit.

For shorts we chose the Deer and Doe Chataigne 
Which I have sewn in the past for Elsa
Lidia wears them now so I had them for Tilly to try on. They were a bit big so I traced the size down.

I used the very last bits of the herringbone wool to make these!

That was one eBay bargain that went a long way!

I decided to line the shorts to make them warmer to wear and guard against any itchiness.

To add a lining I ...
#1 Cut the front lining up to waistband height, did not cut pocket opening.
#2 Under-stitch pocket openings rather than top stitch.
#3 Treat full short lining like a skirt, sew the tops together before the legs and pull shorts over one leg so they can still turn, then pull through and attach leg cuffs.
When sewing the faux flaps, I stitched with the seam allowance turned in and then hand sewed in place.
No visible raw edges.
They turned out so snappy!
These are a great shorts pattern for Tilly.

Liddy is a bit miffed they don't fit her!
Matilda is very happy with the look.

She also put together this outfit.

Which is pretty snappy too.

The waistcoat was made for Liddy

Sometimes hand me downs are good!

I look forward to sharing the other sews soon!

Thank you for reading xxx Nicole