Wednesday, April 12, 2017

OOP Simplicity 5992 Dungarees for Beatrix

Far too cute not to sew again.
I think these dungarees remain my favourite thing ever!
Warm, machine washable wool, Trixie utterly flogged them and then they were sent off to Baby Ock du Spock.
I tracked down a larger size, internationally and made an almost identical pair.
 I lined them with lawn again, for comfort and used  Liberty for the facings.
I used coral lawn and slightly different buttons.
But the cute factor is still through the roof!
Essential pockets lined with Liberty.
Zipper up the back for speedy dressing.
I sewed Beatrix the size 2 (I have a tracing of the size 1 thanks to the lovely Ock du Spock) and they fit, just, but not for long.
Hopefully they will get through Winter, at least  with a disposable nappy. 

xx N


  1. Oh, wow, you make the CUTEST babies, Nicole!!! I love the little Baby Bea at the top, compared with just as totally adorable little Girl Trixie at the bottom. She's just so happy and sassy, I can't even stand it! The little overalls are freaking adorable, and I am so glad you sourced a larger size!! I did that with one of my favorite vintage patterns for Maggie recently too, stay tuned for a cute summer dress!

  2. Thank you Inder and back at you with that compliment.
    I have found a similar pattern AGAIN, square neck but zipper up the front for next Winter, so excited.
    This cloth is amazing, mud just brushes off and they are so warm and wash up in the machine.
    I know you share my love for Vintage, pity we are not close enough to share.
    xx N

  3. SO CUTE - definitely worth making again ;o)

  4. For some reason my comment got eaten!! These are SO awesome (and your little one is ridiculously cute!) I love that you made these again. we LOVE the ones you sent us, SO much xx :)

    1. Thank you!
      You may have these as well, if you fancy?
      xx N