Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thank you!

I had some wonderful people care for me when I gave birth to Trixie.
And a week later when we had to go back for a few days.
I wanted to say thank you.
Normally I make biscuits, but it was pointed out to me that they may be thrown away!
So I wanted something else for the lovely folk that helped us.
For my gorgeous OB, I made a Stitch Society jewellery pouch and a wee head phones purse.
Liddy offered to make a card.
Very proud mummy moment.
I had planned to embroider each one but I ended up having some labels woven with Love Trixie.
I was very happy with the result.
For Trixie's very groovy Paediatrician, a headphone purse in Liberty.
And another of Sweet Liddy's cards.
And for the wonderful Midwives?
Little Liberty purses.

To say 'thank you' for our sweet baby girl.
I hope they like them!

xx N


  1. Lots of special things in this post ;o)

    1. Thank you for the great links AND inspiration Colette.
      xx N

  2. Perfect little thank you's!

  3. Lovely gifts...what a great way to say Thank You!

  4. They will definitely like them :) Your thoughtfulness is great! And you received such a special little gift yourself

  5. I was pretty upset at the thought of someone throwing away food but I guess it makes sense.
    I am not crafty, by nature, so I am very proud of these!
    xx N

  6. Incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift!

  7. Thank you Britters, Jed&Hugo delivered them.
    I think they enjoyed the experience.
    xx N

  8. You're truly a very special family - Such a beautiful way to say Thank You :)

  9. Thank you Ana Sofia, you are kind!
    xx N