Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well, what do you know.....

They don't look half bad!
Do you remember these?

Elsa looooooved them so much.
I thought I could do better.
This pattern got pulled out again.
For the shorts this time.
Elsa didn't want a blue lining behind the lace. She wanted black.
Hmmm, no.
Some time and some gentle conversation and I had steered her towards a remnant of nude de-lustered satin.
I had just enough!

I decided to use my 2-as-1  method and basted the satin to the lace.
I had to do each edge, one at a time, and press in between.
The lace was quite heavy and stretched if not handled carefully.
After basting, I sewed the darts in place, treating the lace and satin as one.
As I wasn't too keen on Elsa wearing satin next to her skin I decided to line them with a jersey lining fabric.
I picked up a 20 metre roll for next to nicks and it was perfect for this.
There was just enough satin left for the facings.
I hemmed the shorts, tucking the lining inside, by machine. I also sewed the facing in place.
I wouldn't usually sew the facing down but the lace hid the stitching and I felt it would make them an sturdier piece of clothing.
I was able to stitch the lining in place along the edge of the zipper as well. The stitching is not visible on the exposed zipper.
Rather then the dark ribbon sash, Elsa chose a pretty caramel velvet ribbon.
I attached it at the centre back and then basted it at even increments.
Elsa also rejected the matching exposed zipper of the inspiration shorts for a deep caramel coloured one.
I think she has a good eye!
And there we have it.
One pair of fabulous shorts.
for my fabulous girl!

xx N

PS Modelled piccies soon-promise!


  1. These are amazing! Very pretty and perfectly styled :D

    1. Thank you!
      These shorts were all about sewing for my girl!
      They are not something I would choose and I originally squashed the idea but after she gently (very gently- for Elsa) persisted I realised it wasn't me wearing them and what was actually wrong with them?

      My happy girl makes me happy and they were actually a challenging and enjoyable sew.
      thank you!
      xx N

  2. Very fun shorts! Lace on top of satin is a challenge I have never done nor would want to very often.
    We have the same ironing board cover and turquoise painted walls!

    1. Oh Rachel, it was trickier then I thought but the satin was a bridal quality with good body so I think that helped.
      Is your board cover teflon? Mine is looking a but grotty in the pictures but I am loathe to change it as it still had plenty of life.
      I love my sewing room colour, but I love coloured walls. I find it good for disguising life.....
      Thank you
      xx N

  3. Contrast exposed zipper is a nice detail. Good colour choices Elsa!

    1. Thanks Deb, Elsa loves them and that is what matters.
      They actually look really cute on.
      xx N

  4. Love the details! Good job Elsa (and Nicole ;) xx)

  5. I'm about to sew something flimsy and was wondering if I could treat the flimsy stuff and another fabric as one piece. Of course, you'd know the answer and here you are showing me how! Thanks Nicole.
    Your shorts are much better than the original (and definitely better for not being black underneath, nice overrule)

  6. Thank you Shelley, I thought black was a wee bit skankalicious....
    What are you making, must go for a peek at your blog.
    xx N

  7. The shorts look fabulous! And miss E has a great eye for details.

  8. Thank you Cindy.
    Sewing for teens can be dangerous waters....
    xx N

  9. Love the fabric choices - very stylish and yet suitable for a lovely teen like Elsa :)
    Fashionable girl and clever mum, indeed!

  10. Thank you Ana Sofia. I am really happy she likes them but I am very pleased to have little girls to sew for too.
    xx N