Sunday, December 12, 2021

Lekala #2379 Short Blouse for Matilda

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More camp sewing.

A very snappy casual blouse from Lekala. Custom fit, of course.

Tilly chose this pattern, and at the time, I thought it a bit ordinary. After sewing it I have changed my mind.

I used the rest of the taupe linen/cotton I purchased from a Lincraft sale (the leftovers from Tilly's peasant blouse and Zara's Style Arc blouse to be blogged) and Tilly chose faux tortoiseshell buttons.

The neck, front and back facings and the sleeve and bottom hems are all interfaced and then finished with double layer so that they sit nicely.

I chose to top stitch the facings down. It finishes the garment nicely as well as making the garment easier to launder.

Matilda has a similar body shape to me, narrow shoulders with a full bust. It can make clothes shopping tricky.
The bust darts on this blouse give her breathing room without extra bulk.
The shoulder fit is spot on!

~My Verdict~
Another very nice Lekala pattern.
A rather boring looking blouse that will in fact be reached for often. Lidia has already borrowed it (although more cropped in style on her) and it looks equally cute with distressed jeans as a tailored skort.

The extra deep hems could be left un-interfaced if using a more draping fabric, like a rayon or silk but I like the structure with this weight of cloth.

The blouse is very neat and comfortable to wear and also has good sun coverage (Matilda has very fair skin and many moles and HAS to cover up).

I would definitely recommend this pattern and I think I will sew it again.

~Matilda's Verdict~
First of all, I LOVE how it works with everything. It's simple but gorgeous and goes with any outfit, due to its neutral colour. I love the tortoiseshell buttons as I am a big fan of tortoiseshell. They are not too small and not too big so they don't take over the piece.
Next time I would like the sleeves a bit shorter as if I have a short sleeve top I like the sleeves short.
I like the neckline as it shows off my necklaces. It was a wearable muslin but I really like it and am pleased with how it turned out.
Thank you so much Mumma!

You have to be happy with that!
Thank you for reading xxx Nicole 


  1. Such a sweet little too and my how grown up your girl now is 💕😊💕

  2. Addendum “top” not “too” 😳

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! The shirt is a truly timeless piece! It's perfect for her! Your sewing is impeccable!

    1. Thank you!
      I have not been sewing as much lately, I miss it, need to get back to it.
      xx Nicole