Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Lekala vest #6063 for Jed

 I made Jed a vest for our family photos which we had taken latest year.

I went with a pink/brown/cream colour scheme but we had them printed in B/W so it didn't make a difference, in the end. 

I used the Lekala #6063 vest pattern, the same one that I had made for Hugo

I have several waistcoat patterns but I thought if I went with the custom fit Lekala first, it would give me a block to help with fitting future sews.

The fabric was from deep stash, a flecked, heathered wool that I had previously made a Little things to Sew cape for Tilly
Eeek, Tiny Tilly.
I didn't have quite enough cloth to sew the back from the wool so I used the de-lustered satin that I had made Lidia's formal dress  from.
It is a good heavy Duchess satin but I chose to interface all the pieces, main and lining, with some tailors weight heavy interfacing. It takes considerable time to apply but the result is well worth it.

The lower welt pockets are a little too low on the waistcoat to be useful but I made them anyway as I thought it good opportunity to practice that skill.
I like to use this video for guidance.

The buttons are vintage, leather knot buttons and I chose to edge stitch the waistcoat for structure. 
For a first sew, it was a good fit.
I was pleased with the fit around the chest and the arms but I think it could do with a wee bit of length at the front although Jed has said he wouldn't want it any longer at the back.
I also knotted the back straps and I think will do a buckle for future sews. That said, Jed said the knot didn't bother him, it sat in the curve of his back and he didnt' notice it sitting, even in the car.

I recommend this pattern and have two nice pieces of wool melton, one mustard and one chartuese green, to make him two more. Next time I will make a solid wool garment with satin lining, so he can wear them as a stand alone piece.

Thank you for reading, stay safe, stay well.
                                                                               xx Nicole 


  1. How lovely to see something from you again! Wonderful vest!

    1. Hi Ang, thank you!
      I finally became brave enough to update my computer so I can use blogger again.
      I have really missed it.
      xx Nicole

  2. So good to hear from you again! Such a lovely sew!

    1. Thank you!
      Jed is so sweet when I sew for him, I should do so more often.
      Keep well xx Nicole

  3. I love it when I check in to see your recent makes. Please don't ever stop. Apart from the sewing content it's lovely seeing how much the kids have grown in your posts ... but I swear you are looking younger! What's your secret?

  4. Thank you Shannon, you are kind! My apologies for my delay in answering you, I had to get Lidia to update my browser as I was locked out. Thank goodness for tech savvy children.
    xx Nicole