Thursday, March 17, 2022

OOP McCall's 6936 Dungarees for Beatrix

I am not really sure why I sew for Trixie as she spends most of her days in knickers, singlets, wellies and a big hat.

I have so many beautiful vintage patterns that she has sized out of. I swear I am going to spend my retirement sewing up fabulous children clothes, selling them on Etsy and then donating the money.

If she has  to wear clothes, Trixie like dungarees. She dislikes anything firm around her middle. 

I have had this OOP McCall's 6936 waiting in the eaves.  It is a size 6, which fit Trixie's waist and chest but I knew it would not be long enough in the body. I cut and added one inch to the lengthen/shorten line.

I extended the legs length by an inch, as well, this girl is growing like a mushroom.
I fitted the dungaree on Trixie, before sewing the tables in place, to make sure they were at her waist after all the adjustments.
The button tabs are adorable but also make it easy for her to go to the lavatory.
I used enamelled shell buttons in the sweetest pearly pink.

The ease though the body is comfortable to wear, Trixie is not keen on waistbands.

The fabric is a pretty, floral corduroy from Spotlight on sale now which was a little stiff before pre-washing but laundered beautifully.

A very happy sew, they look super sweet, are comfortable to wear and a relatively quick sew, so no hard feelings if they don't get much wear.

Thank you for reading and stay safe... xxNicole 



  1. These are adorable Nicole as is your sweet recipient 💕 I love your little summary sheet too. Such a clever idea. I usually forget what I need to do to improve a pattern next sew. I think I’m going to ‘pinch’ your idea 😉

    1. Thank you Karen!
      The summary sheet was a free PDF when I purchased a Megan Neilson pattern, it is so handy!
      xx Nicole