Saturday, July 2, 2022

OOP Kwiksew 1556 pyjamas AND OOP Kwiksew 1692 and Mini Hudson Secret pyjamas for Beatrix

 Trixie found some very cute flannelette in the remnant bin at Spotters and wondered if there would be enough in the cut to make a pair of bunny japamas.

There was!

Kwiksew 1556 with a twist!

I made these Harry Potty pyjamas for a dear friends daughter and drafted a size especially to suit her her slim build and long legs and I figured it would work for Trixie.

I piped the collar and the pocket with black readymade piping and stitched down the facings for a neater finish. The buttons are clear plastic (very sturdy) Although the directions didn't call for it I like to interface the collar, facings and pocket top. I use a very soft interfacing so it is still comfortable to wear and sleep in.

I also interfaced the cuffs but used my method to attach them.

I interface the cuff, then apply piping to the edge, adjusting it to fill the seam allowance. Sew the cuff, press the sewn seam open and the piping edge down. Then I attach the cuff to the inside, flip and topstitch in place.

Much neater!

Trixie approved pyjamas.

Warm and snuggly

With just a little bit of growth.

But sometimes a girl doesn't want to look like she is in pyjamas. She needs secret pyjamas.

Super comfy and sewn from your sisters tracksuit (to blogged)

 left over fabric.

The fabric is French terry I picked up on a runout at Spotlight for $3/m. I added a Cricut  label to the jumper front (made by Lidia) to further disguise its double life.

I used Kwiksew 1692, leaving the tunic length but omitting the hip band.

The black French terry bottoms are the tried and true Mini Hudsons 

with another Cricut stencil on the thigh.

This outfit is just the job for Friday night dash to the beach. Comfortable to travel it, neat enough to stop at Kingston for a hot chocolate and perfect to crawl straight into bed after a quick teeth brushing session at Bosuns.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and well, xx Nicole 

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