Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sewing So Far....

Taking inspiration from the lovely Justine,I have made a list for my Winter 2011 sewing.
Its no surprise that most of the patterns I have chosen are my beloved Oliver+S.

For Son&Heir I have made..
One navy track suit.

I have cut out...
Three pairs of  Sketchbook jeans.
Three Sketchbook shirts

At the moment I am cutting out five pairs of Sketchbook pants in navy corduroy for school pants.

I would like to make...
Two Nature Walk Tops
A Burda Jacket very similar to the School Days coat
Two long sleeved T-shirts(kwik sew)

So far I have made the Twins 13+ Hopscotch Tops/Dresses.

Hopscotch top with two backs

Two each of the Sailboat Pants and Skirts.

One pair of Sketchbook 'Jeans'(and one pair cut ready to go)!

One Music Class blouse.

Making at the moment four Class Picnic blouses,oversize to wear as jacket and jumpers.

NB Made one!

Yet to sew...
Three Music Class blouse's
Two Music Class skirts
Two 2+2blouses
Two 2+2skirts
Four pairs of Nature Walk pants
Two Little Things To Sew here capes(they didn't like them until they saw a girl wearing similar in Rundle Mall)

and for school...

Six Nature Walk Jumpers
Two Music Box Pinafores

For Missy L,I have made.....
One Sailboat skirt and one pair of pants.

I hope to make....
A 2+2blouse and skirt
Two Music Class blouses and One skirt
A Sunday Brunch jacket and skirt
A corduroy Birthday Party dress
A drill Jumprope dress
A silk School Photo dress
A Hopscotch top and skirt
A School Days coat OR a Little Things To Sew cape #

For Missy M,I have made...

Sailboat Pants
I hope to make....
A Sunday Brunch jacket and Skirt
Two Music Class shirts and a skirt
Two Jumprope dresses one in each view
A Birthday Party dress
A School Days jacket
Two Hopscotch tops and skirts
Two 2+2 blouses and skirts
Note the use of 'hope' to make?

Fight the good fight!
x N


  1. LOL! There's a lot of hope in my list too!!! Can't believe you've made 13 hopscotches in one form or another!
    Off to keep cutting out the next thing on my list...(Sunday Brunch jacket for Miss L - did the skirt this afternoon)

  2. You are a machine! Hats off to you....everything is beautiful, as always!

  3. How do you do it, Nicole? Can't wait to see the 'hope' list becoming reality...
    and I love the hands photo.

  4. When do you plan to sleep? LOL!
    Love all your outfits. Especially love the rose fabric for the Music Class blouse. Where did you get it? I've been looking for fabric like that.
    Clever idea using 2 backs on Hopscotch and using wool fabric on Class Picnic.
    All your creations have turned out wonderfully right down to the brooch flower. Your children will be the best dressed in all of Oz!

  5. "When do you plan to sleep? LOL!" Yeah that!

    I love seeing how you are executing the twins' wardrobe plans and adore the wintry Class Picnic pullover with the flower detail/brooch!

  6. You are such an inspiration!

  7. Wow! Thanks Girls... You did see ''hope to sew''?
    Luckily,most of these clothes are trans-seasonal so it won't matter too much if it takes me some time to complete!
    Thank you so much Justine,Millie,Catherine,Deb,Cindy and Sarah!
    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  8. It's a fantastic list! I can't wait to see all that comes from it!

  9. Thanks Mel,I am trying to sew the basics first and then the pretty's!

    Sketchbook make great jeans Inder-ific http://www.flickr.com/photos/motherof5/sets/72157625212212623/ if you would like a peep.

  10. I have spent hours going through your archives getting all inspired for some sewing time now that I've discovered O+S patterns and my beloved fabric.com restocked their clearance section. Thank you! Inquiring minds want to know: How do you get the fantastic graphics on the tops? I'd love to do that for The Benevolent Dictator but iron-ons tend to go all crunchy and cracked on me and the only screen printing experience I have is from summer camp as a kid and I remember it being some huge setup. If I bring home one more "huge setup" hobby I'm going to be sleeping in the doghouse. :)

  11. Thank you Melissa!
    Not a huge or an expensive hobby,and it is available at fabric.com
    It is so straight forward and easy and lasts really well!
    Good luck and thank you again!