Monday, April 12, 2021

Mimi G Wooster Shorts and Liesl+Co Metro Tee for Hugo

 Sometimes a pattern doesn't work for us. It's not a fault with the pattern or the designer, it just doesn't suit.

I think Mimi G is kind of fabulous and I was so excited to sew these shorts up for Hugo.

I thought they would suit his new style, very casual, cargo pants and tees and he was keen to give them a go.

This photo shows just how long the dropped crotch is, very, very long.

I wish I was better at pattern modification as I love the jodhpur inset.

I was slightly hopeful it was just my mannequin throwing off the fit...

But I wasn't that hopeful.

Maybe it was my fabric choice (a stretch denim) the pair I saw made up were in a tweed-y wool fabric.

But they didn't suit, when quizzed (I had posted them to Hugo) he admitted he had to donate them.

However, I am not a woman that is easily gainsaid.

I promptly purchased this pattern and will be trying these next!

A pattern that always delivers is the Liesl+Co Metro tee

I had previously adjusted the pattern to be slightly fitted through the waist and hips.

I sewed it up in some heavy cotton/lycra that was left over form has Christmas Thread Theory Strathcona henley (to be blogged)

Lidia made the 'Pumba' stencil for me on my new Cri-cut machine that I got for Christmas 

It's a funny little thing that Liddy hooks up to my phone and prints off all sorts on to a vinyl product that can then be ironed onto fabric. 
I think I will get a lot of use from it.

As usual, I taped the back of the neck with cotton tape for stability and neatness.

At least he can wear this!

Thank you for reading ....xx Nicole 


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    1. Thank you!
      Liddy is rather fabulous
      xx Nicole

  2. My kids and I both have a low front rise, and somewhere on the O+S forums someone pointed me towards this blog post. Alteration #4 on the list solved the problem for the front rise on the Art Museum trousers for both my kids, but maybe alteration #5 for the shorts pattern?

    1. Thank you Enbee, that is super helpful!
      xx Nicole