Saturday, April 10, 2021

OOP Kwiksew 2600 Top and OOP Butterick 3179 Shorts for Elsa

 Elsa's turn #sewingrota

Isn't she gorgeous?
Back story....

I had justmade Lidia a new rash vest with OOP Kwiksew 2600 (to be blogged) and Elsa was playing silly buggers in it being a Super Hero. (For context, it is made of aqua, mermaid scale, iridescent lycra)

I sewed Lidia, View A but cropped the length to just under the bust. It just happened to fit Elsa perfectly too. 

Instead of Aqua Woman lycra

Elsa choose some lush, cotton/lycra, very soft and stretchy, that I had purchased from Eliza Fabrics. 

The shorts are another pair of OOP Butterick 3179 shorts. This time in a remnant of stretch denim.

The top is finished with self binding around the edges which finishes it nicely and gives it a bit of stability.

The zipper is attached after finishing the edges. I used a chunky white plastic one.

The shorts are a super quick sew as they don't have a seperate back yoke. They are a little big in the waist so I threaded elastic through the back. This cinches them in but means they will fit over Elsa's booty and bonus points for being very comfortable.

~Elsa's Verdict~

Sorry Readers, still trying to pin her down!

~My Verdict~

I love it!

Kwiksew are always a good sew. They go together beautifully, have solid (albeit brief) instructions and are very true to measurements.

They are also multi-size which means you can draft between sizes to get that perfect fit.

The Jamaican shorts pattern has become a tried and true! It fits Elsa and Lidia so nicely and sews up quickly with a scant piece of fabric. (I have started an eBay search for other sizes)

Thank you for reading .... xx Nicole 


  1. Elsa’s outfit is stunning - good job!

    Curious to know if your offspring have attempted sewing for themselves?

  2. Thank you!
    As for sewing, all have dabbled, they have a machine in their craft studio. Zara will whip up a top for a party, Hugo can mend but Elsa (so far) is the most talented, she just doesn't enjoy it. Liddy has NO interest but knits and crochets. Tilly has expressed an interest but prefers her clay jewellery making. Trixie plays with fabric a lot and I suspect she will sew.
    I think the main problem is they don't want to learn, they just want to make clothes straight away and get frustrated too easily. I had a lot of nephews and nieces and my sisters were very indulgent and dressed their offspring in my offerings, (No matter how poorly made they were)
    Thank you for your question, it was fun to reflect.
    xx Nicole