Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It is all in the planning...

I have a High Tea to attend in January.
I need a new dress.
My #1 Posh Frock needs work (skirt removed, waist lifted, new darts sewn)
My #2 Posh Frock is packed to be re-homed.  

I was going to alter my #Posh Frock like a good little Barbara but my Jed is no Tom.

'Why don't you make a new one'?

So, Lovelies, what do we think?

While pursuing Style Arc (lovely patterns) I found this. Zara was very enthusiastic.
Image from Pinterest
With length, obviously, and I don't think I will need the jacket in January but I may later...
I will probably use this pattern as I can put all my measurements in and get a better fit.
#5166 Lekala
I purchased this from eBay.

What do think? Mutton dressed as lamb or can I pull it off?

xx N

All finished here 


  1. I think that pattern/dress inspo is classy and elegant. Go for it!

  2. In sheep terms not mutton Nicole - hehe! The style is a very classic one and you can certainly pull off a Pippa😄

  3. I have no doubt you'll pull it off. The fabric looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it!

  4. You can SO pull it off! The pattern outline looks like a really lovely and timeless piece...perfect for your capsule too! The colours in that fabric are just perfect for you. Looking forward to seeing the result.

  5. You absolutely can! There's nothing mutton-as-lamb about such a classic style & fabulous fabric. Do eeeet! :) ...& AS IF you'd ever be muttoning anyway!

  6. HELL YES!!! Mutton dressed as lamb? What is that nonsense. You will be sophisticated, classic, grown up, and SEXY. I cannot wait to see the final result!!