Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Short Post *snort*

To my dismay,
Tildy and Trixie need few new clothes.
Both are the recipients of many gorgeous hand-me-downs from their siblings and many generous friends. #sewingfriendsarethebest.

After a quick wardrobe sort the only things lacking were some shorts and tee's.
First up, some classic Puppet Show shorts
Sewn up in a linen/cotton remnant from Spotters with a contrast pocket binding.
Size 5 still has plenty of room.
Another pair, in navy linen, for school.
And finally...

A pair of double denim Class Picnic shorts
I just reverse the denim for the contrast.
Size 4 with plenty of room yet for tiny Miss Tildy.

~Matilda's Verdict~
I quite like the different colour denim. 
They are also very comfy.
They've got lots of room for my legs to fit through.
They are my favourite shorts 

I am happy with that.
Trixie is slightly less happy with sharing the spotlight 

Step by step Puppet Show shorts
Step by step Class Picnic shorts

xx N


  1. "lots of room for my legs to fit through" Love it!

  2. I know Deb, I had to leave that in.
    xx N

  3. Yes that was my favourite bit too :D That and the title, snort.

  4. She knows what matters! I wish I had shorts with lots of room for my legs to fit through :)
    Great sewing as always. I love that top too.

    1. Thank you!
      PS It is from Witchery, they have great sales.
      xx N


  5. there is no way there would be lots of room for my girls legs to fit through those puppet show shorts! ;o)

  6. She has skinny malinky legs.
    xx N

  7. Lovely shorts! Have you not made adjustments for the size 5 Puppet Show to fit her? It is a bit tight on my oldest now and I thought they were the same size-ish, but Tildy must be smaller.

  8. I am not so good at sizing up pattern Masha, once they don't fit, that will be it.
    Tilly has narrow hips and a chubby bum, I guess the fat squishes so she can get them on :)
    Thank you!
    xx N

  9. That last photo is the best!!! Love it! Cute shorts, too.

  10. Sisterly love, snort.
    Thank you Inder.
    xx N

  11. I love her top!! (and her shorts ;) Was that also sewn by you?

  12. Thank you!
    Sorry, no, the knit was purchased from
    xx N