Sunday, January 30, 2011

But I don't want them to go

First day of school tomorrow and going to be 42 degree's!
Water bottles are in the freezer
Lunch boxes packed
And in the fridge.
Books are covered
Pencil cases filled 
Contents labelled
But I don't want them to go...

Perhaps they could stay home one more day?
Its going to be 
So very,very hot.
The bus has air cons,
The classrooms have air cons,
They eat inside anyway.
They'll be fine,said Jed
I know you don't want them to go...

Holidays aren't long enough!
They need more than five weeks!
Last term is busy
Tests and Exams
Presentation Night
It's still so hot
Too hot for them
I don't think they should go...

The Bigs Ones are excited to go back to school,
They miss their mates
They like their teachers
They want to play sport
And talk about sport
And talk about clothes
Small One is sad
She doesn't want to go

We are raising strong independent children
They know the right things
They avoid the wrong things
But I don't want to share them!
I know that I have too
I know that I need too
I know that it's the best thing
It's time for them to go!

but I'm still going to cry


  1. Oh you made me cry too! So often I agree that sharing is so unfair. All our parents want more time with Niblet, but I don't want to share my little time with her! This has caused me a tremendous amount of stress and I can't even think of school for her! So much of our time in life is spent away from our family. How is that right?! Get some good rest, love your babies as they leave in the morning and smile knowing they are good and loving, thanks to you. And cuddle up that Little One, I imagine she will be missing them all too. Big hugs and love to you!

  2. I think it will be a day of many cuddles (or cuggles, as Little One would say).
    Jed and I stand by that saying, 'You should give your children Roots and Wings'.
    But no one said it would be this hard Mel.
    x N

  3. It is so hard to imagine that type of heat...I worry about the bus slipping on the icey roads or them slipping in the school yard. We get about 9 weeks of holidays in summer and by the time they are over, everyone is ready to go back, but I still miss them. I miss them every morning when they get on the bus.
    I like the "Roots and Wings"" theory...I suppose that is what we strive for too. We also try and teach them to work, without having to work like we were expected to as kids.
    I hope your day is not too lonely. Once you are back in the routine it will be easier...(who am I telling?!)
    What is your son making? I am intrigued!

  4. Give them hugs for me, Nicole!

  5. You always know how to get my waterworks going, Nicole! Many hugs to all of you.

  6. Such a hard day for mothers, sending hugs your way! Do a little something nice for yourself.

  7. Thankyou girls, all tea and sympathy gratefully accepted!

    Son is making 'waddles', its a pancake iron that makes penguin shape cakes ,savory or sweet.
    My sister gave it to them a few years back, they love it.
    Son makes cheese and ham ones and they have those with tin spaghetti for supper at times.

    Thanks again girls


  8. Your heat continues to humble me. We think it's bad when it's over 90. I think the start of school was close to 103, but at least there cannot be any humidity at that point. I look forward to any school holidays and 1/2 days because I miss my oldest. It will only get worse as he gets bigger. But I do love the peace and quiet.

  9. We survived Johanna(baby and me) but it was too quiet and Little One has gone back to two sleeps!
    I can't wait for the weekend!
    Better weather today only 36 degrees and a breeze!