Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am getting a laundry wall.

When we built onto our home four years ago I had a decision to make. To stay within our budget I had to choose - A fly proof courtyard OR a laundry wall.
As we live down the road from a massive dairy and our farm is covered with sand,sheep&s##t, I chose the courtyard. I figured the living space was far more important, I keep a very tidy laundry and it was more of a chance the wall would be built sooner! One doesn't NEED a screened in deck area, but a laundry wall, that   HAS to happen!

The fly proof screens built by my clever husband!

The coffee and chat corner
(Or the wine and whinge)
Bi-fold doors that open into the house
The ceiling

I think made the right decision...... don't you?

Watch this space.....


  1. I love, love, LOVE getting peeks at your house. It is just the coolest, and you have a very clever husband!

  2. What is a laundry wall?

    I love getting peeks at your house. I love all the glistening dark wood on that decking.

  3. Thankyou Sarvi, peek away!

    Thanks Lotta, a laundry is a room where the washing machine and dryer are kept. When we extended our home,I decided to make it a little larger so that I could set up a small salon,rather then cut hair out in the main living area.We pulled down the old wall to the kitchen and it has been that way ever since!
    Jed is re-building it and he is very clever with his wood working skills. He uses a lot of recycled materials and old things he finds lying around the farm.
    Our home is very eclectic....but we love it!

  4. I love your home too! And I think personal craftmanship is so much more meaningful! And the courtyard was the right decision, in my opinion. One of my dreams is to have an enclosed space large enough to have at least one comfy chair and small sofa, while still having room enough for my sewing! Ah, I can see it now...sewing. bird watching, and daydreaming while overlooking pastures! (sorry, nodded off there...)

    I think we all have landry rooms. We are interested in a landry 'wall'. Is that what you call your room?

  5. Ok, that courtyard is pretty awesome. Fabulous ceiling. MUCH better than a laundry area (I wanna know what a laundry wall is too!)

  6. Is it maybe a wall with all the laundry stuff (clothes to be washed, to be folded, etc., plus soaps and so forth) arranged in racks or on shelves? Guessing based on the photo. I have also not heard of a 'wall' of laundry, although you could say that my pile of washing can be considered a wall once it rises past the light switch.

  7. You need to show us more of your house. I love the iron on it and the wooden floors - so cool. The covered in courtyard is a must - I am sure the flies are horrendous

  8. Oh dear you overseas chaps don't understand me!
    It must be my accent!
    I will take some more photos and blog again later today!
    (and I will type very slowly)
    he he

    Thanks for all your lovely interest!

  9. Oh Jen , the flies are horrendous!
    One cannot have a cup of tea outside, and walking to the bus...all I can say is - don't sniff!

  10. Sorry - have missed some posts! Just catching up!
    Screened verandah = definite need!
    I'm sure this 'wall' mystery is now clear in the next post but here's my take for all those unsure - Nicole's laundry was missing its dividing wall between it & other room (kitchen?) - the stud work is/was there but not the plasterboard ('drywall')and architraves/door etc - any help??