Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh No,My Cameras Buggered!

Firstly let me clear up a translation issue,that means broken!

Good,now moving on.......
Everyone swears they didn't touch,drop,look,sneeze at it!
Nobody saw anyone else touch,drop,look ......... you get the idea.
The flash stopped working
No big deal thought I,new bulb!
Oh no,nothing is that easy!
'Whats wrong with it? I asked the repair man
He looked at me,cleared his throat,and gave me his diagnosis
'Its buggered'

Oh I see,very helpful!
So I have paid this legend in his own lunch box $35 to show it to his mate,
To see EXACTLY what is buggered



  1. Oh, don't you just love technology? Sounds like a very helpful repairman! Hope you can get it fixed soon.

  2. Ella broke my camera when it was only a couple of weeks old. She pulled it off the desk and it dropped on the floor breaking the lens. Luckily it wasnt a DSLR or Mat would still remind me of it today (2 years later)actually cross that out - he still reminds me regularly.

  3. I'm not sure what my camera is Jen,its the same as my old film one,but digital. I can swop the lenses so that was handy,an EOS? does that sound right? Its not a box thing,you take a photo the proper way,through the view finder.
    The legend rang me this afternoon Sandi,definitely has been dropped,$300 to repair,but he will take off the $30 I had already paid-I would jolly hope so!
    I have quizzed the off spring- no one knows ANYTHING but they are all being very good this evening!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry about the camera - hope you get it fixed.

    Off topic: I was reading the O+S blog and came across the Pinterest post. I can invite you if you're interested. I need your e-mail though. (send a mail to lottaan at yahoo dot se)


  5. Thankyou Lotta,but don't you need to be on Facebook?
    I am not doing that! We have local women having fights about not 'friending' each other!
    Scarey stuff .....

  6. (& you don't need facebook for Pinterest - although I agree with you on the 'scary' part! I have deactivated my account!)

  7. Thanks Justine,thats really helpful!

  8. Too bad about the camera. Hope things are up and running soon!

    I have a FB account because everyone seems to have one and it's simplest way to view pictures of family and friends, and that's what I use it for. But, I'm with you, it's a strange thing!

  9. It sounds like it's a D-SLR- A digital single lens reflex camera. (I like fancy words, can you tell?) I'd be horrified if mine took a nosedive. I have one that works with my old Minolta film camera.
    I have a FB account because my friends and family are pretty far flung, and it helps to keep up with their activities. I haven't tried pinterest yet, but it looks interesting.
    Could the cat be at fault? That could explain why no one knows what happened. Hope it is fixed quickly.

  10. Thanks Mel,who would have thought I would miss my camera so much!
    All the children at school seem to have FB and there is a lot of bullying.It just seemed easier not to start it.
    Plus,I don't have that many friends!

    I think that is what my camera is Johanna! It may have been the cat (or his sister Gigi).
    It doesn't seem to be any point in making a fuss now,gosh it hurt to pay that money out though! Think of the material I could have purchased .....

  11. Thanks to the new baggage (weight) restrictions in the U.S. I've had to leave my camera behind on several visits, and I feel a little naked without it. At this point for $300, you could probably buy almost the same body that you have now, used. I'll probably be switching to a Canon or Nikon when mine breaks down because Minolta isn't making cameras any more. (I'm still pouting about this.)

  12. Really,not worth fixing? I paid 2 Grand for it when the baby was born!(Thankyou Kevin Rudd)
    Oh bugger,I told him to go ahead!

  13. I found a couple of Canon EOS 50D's on Houston's craigslist for $375. I don't know if that's what you have, but it was going for about 2 grand in the US around the time Jonathan was born two years ago. Technology, and currency, change quickly. I checked Abe's of Maine and Adorama. Adorama sells refurbished bodies for about $400. I have no idea what shipping to AUS or customs fees would be, but I would imagine it might add another $100 or so?

  14. Now the tiny guy has gone and thrown one of my lenses across the room. He's still bawling in time out. I may be in the market for a new camera sooner rather than later. Rats.