Saturday, February 19, 2011

I don't have a wall,but I do have a door!

Do be do,how excited am I?

I don't quite have a wall yet ...... but I do have a door!

Many more exciting things have happened today!
Another chunky pole has gone in(just waiting for me to steel wool and oil,goodbye fingernails)and a track for the sliding doors,laundry side ...... but I can't show you those

Because I still don't have a camera!

To be continued ....... (I love writing that! Can you tell)!


  1. Too bad about the camera.
    Like your door! The doors in my cottage are very similar.
    And I'm liking your meat lockers too. Beautiful pieces.

  2. Hi! Thank you for the comment on my blog! Glad you found me! ;-) I hear ya about the nursing bras. I only had a few and they got old really fast! I definitely think you should try making some bras!

  3. I love all your wood! I seem to recall seeing pictures showing some great hardwood flooring as well. Hope your camera gets fixed soon, I'd love to see the progress!

  4. How exciting! I know the feeling Nicole. We just got a ceiling in our bedroom for the first time in 3 yrs! Every little step forward is exciting isn't it.

  5. Looking good!!!!
    Glad you've posted - I was missing your blog! Blog w/o pics!!!!! (I have!)

  6. I can understand your excitement...we are forever fixing up stuff in our house...Some things are worth waiting for! I hope you get your camera back soon!

  7. Thanks Deb,I used to potter with furniture restoration before children!
    Excellent Heather,I will check out your blog for tutorials!
    I love timber Susanne and it is really serviceable with children,I will be very happy to post my progress.
    No ceiling Melissa! What a patient wife YOU are! I am happy to wait if it looks as good as the other work he has done.
    I am missing my blogging Justine,I will have a go w/o photos.
    Then you know what I mean Millie,I know it will never be finished,but thats the fun of it!