Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to the Beach

Lots of reasons to head back. The swimming carnival was held at a town in that direction,the weather is still warm,the farm is quiet(ish) and it was Miss L's 7th birthday......... and this is her favorite place in the whole,wide world!

On the Saturday we headed into Robe to meet up with one of my brothers. He is heading up to the Northern Territory to manage a large(huge) cattle station.

He took us to a brand new playground WE had not found yet! It was fabulous! As well as great play equipment,it had a special swing for disabled children. I have never seen anything like it,what a wonderful idea!

The surf board was a hit!

With both sisters!

The water fountain was very handy to fill up our drink bottles! Can you believe they charge for a glass of tap water in cafes now!

Big brother on duty.

Miss M has the slippery dips down pat now!

Look at me Mummy!

Look at me Mum!

I can do it!

As well as excellent play equipment,the playground incorporated  gym equipment with a workout program displayed on large signs. 
Fantastic,go for a walk,stop at the playground and have a workout while the children play!


Photo by Miss Z

Proud Parent's?........... Absolutely!

to be continued....


  1. I love yours & hubby's colour coordinated tops!

  2. Hey you! I have only just discovered that you have become blog-tastic! I've been completely out of it recently and my sewing machine is . . . in a cupboard! Just had a quick look and am longing to find time to catch up on your jan and feb posts.
    Robyn x x

  3. Hi wonderful that you got away. Do you have someone who takes care of the farm when you are away? We don't have anyone, but anyhow we are at our busiest time here, with calving. I have to go places on my own with the kids sometimes.
    Your kids all look like they had a wonderful time at the park. It all looks so fresh and clean. They all look so great in O+S, as usual. I always look at your photos, picking out what is made from which pattern!

  4. Hi gorgeous artist,hows the building going?
    Great to hear from you,I have a bundle of drawings to send to you,would you flickr mail me your address again? Thanks Robyn.

    Thanks Millie,it is wonderful,we never usually do!
    I am teasing Jed saying it is so I will blog about how wonderful he is(and so he can get out of building)
    We farm with Jed's brother,it can be tricky sometimes but the benefits far out way the irritations.
    The park was amazing,we were there for two hours. Jed and I enjoy the chance to chat.
    I am so glad that you notice the clothes,I love the patterns and my blog is a little display of them being used for everyday use.

  5. Looks like great fun for the kids, Nicole. We have a couple of similar playgrounds here, too.

  6. Well I think they are a fantastic idea Sandi!
    Free family fun!