Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What do you call a wall?

Sorry listeners,in my excitement at my Darling Jed actually starting this project I obviously did not explain my self very well!
Sorry about the dark photos,my flash is unwell and needs to see Ted the Camera Man,but they should give you the idea.

Where the new wall will be

Our home was originally a ''Blunts'' home. These were the first of the pre-form homes,very popular in the 50's and 60's. They were sent out to the country on trains in kit form(wall frames etc) and built on site.
They are a good basic home with few internal supporting walls so the home builder can do a lot of renovation himself.
They generally have timber floors,jarrah and pine,under the fifty year old carpet and lino. Although they don't have a lot of rooms(ours was two bedrooms) these are spacious with built in robes.

A dividing wall of meat safes 

Originally, my laundry was quite small. I really liked it though!
It had the original concrete double wash trough which was the baby bath for the children in their early years.
As time past,the louvered windows broke and became loose and let in a lot of dust.
So when we started to build on we re-designed the area. Jed replaced the windows,pulled down the original dividing wall between the kitchen and laundry and the plan was to add some space to the laundry and have the outside door entering that room,instead of through the kitchen.
But we ran out of money.

In a nut shell, where these meat safes are will be the wall.
Not just any wall mind you! This one will be a double sided cupboard accessible from either room.
The doors are to made from old shed doors and there will be shelving above for my books!
Do be doo, I cannot wait!

As I previously this space!
and don't get me started on the groovy little connecting door with a rope handle he is making!!!!


  1. Fabulous! I love seeing what handy husbands can do. Mine... well, I love him dearly, but he's best with a briefcase in hand, only.

  2. How exciting!...I have an airer like that hanging from my kitchen ceiling. It is above my range (cooker).
    My laundry is also our boot room, everyone passes through it on the way in, so I have to try and keep it tidy. I did this intentionally when we renovated...otherwise I could ignore all the laundry!
    You are very lucky to have a clever husband...I tell mine that he is as "handy as a pocket in a shirt!"

  3. He is sooo clever icicle,but takes forever to finish!(or start)
    He promised it would be done before the baby came! Well she is two in a month!

    The airers are great Millie, I have an old fan on the window sill pointing at it, that seems to stop the clothes drying stiff as well as speeding up the process.
    I love that "handy as a pocket on a shirt'', my girlfriend says her husband is as useful as ''tits on a bull''.
    In his case, I have to agree with her....

  4. Hah, Chris says 'tits on a bull'. Makes me giggle every time. This room renovation is fantastic! Can't wait to see!

  5. Thanks Mel.
    I was at a friends house recently and her teenage son jumped on the sofa, she inquired if he was 'trying out for the arse kicking olympics',I gather thats what he was going to get if he did again!
    She said she got it off a British sit/com.
    I filed that one for future reference.

  6. OK, so the stud wall is also not there! But I did understand you Nicole!!
    When we renovated, we moved our laundry to the back of the garage - a pian when it's raining, but I do so love NOT having to keep it clean & tidy!!!!