Monday, February 21, 2011

I Have Been Bad!

Looking through my box room ta-dah!
I found that I had many prints and patterned materials but I was running low on the basics. White linen,white shirting,stretch poplin,denim and that sort of thing.
I shop online as it is so much easier,if I am not sure ,I will request a sample.
Because I wanted big quantities I tried googling but wasn't really getting any where.
Son came to see what I was doing and he suggested Ebay. I wasn't convinced but thought I would give it a go.

Oh wow,with a little searching and a few emails did I find some bargains!

How about some white linen? I emailed her for extra and got an amazing deal,she was a sweetheart!

Or maybe you need new yoga pants? black cotton/lycra at an amazingly cheap price I only ordered a metre to check it out first.

My children love shirts made from stretch poplin as it has a little more give,I purchased the 10m roll,but there were 3m rolls as well in lots of colours.

Check out my denim bargain, I am still speechless!

I found many other 'one off' treasures,I searched bulk fabric and picked up swimsuit fabric for next to nothing and 10m of yellow knit(methinks Bedtime Story Pajamas trimmed with CW)for under $10.
Its definitely worth a look!

See you round like a rissole!
x N

News Flash ....... Oliver+s patterns for adults!
Check out the forums!


  1. Great links and adult O &S patterns!!!

  2. Your box room is a sewist's dream! I like how you have your O+S patterns on a spinning rack. I too suffer from having tons of prints and special fabrics but not much in the way of basics.

  3. Thanks Kate,check out that linen won't you ?Amazing value!

    Thanks Cindy,I am very lucky!
    Its hard to but the basics,but you do need them,so if you can purchase them a little less expensive ... so much the better!

  4. I am speechless! Oh, to have the space to dedicate a whole room to my stash...
    And congrats on the great bargains!

  5. Your sewing space looks EXACTLY like mine. Same door, same shelving, (same colour door&shelving) same kind of boxes, except my room is messy and it has a baby crib. It was a small bedroom for one of my twins, but I tossed her out, moved in the sewing stuff and squeeze in the baby when she comes to visit.

  6. I think you've been GOOD, Nicole! Great deals. I decided a couple weeks ago that my only fabric purchases need to be basics for awhile. I am drawn to so many beautiful prints, but then have nothing to put them with. I may have to check out eBay myself. I snatched up some CW knits on eBay last night for 25% off. :) Oh, wait - I'm supposed to be sticking to basics! Well, we HAVE to have knits for summer, so I was obligated. right?

  7. My goodness my dear, what a fabric wonderland you have. I love the bargains you got - especially the denim and the linen - what would i do with 47m of denim. You will have to let me know what the denim is like I might have to purchase some.

  8. Thankyou Susanne,I am very lucky AND spoilt(I know)

    Oh,I missed that you have twins as well Deb! I think your fabric busting challenge is very noble(and I have 3 car seats and a bassinette on the top shelf)

    Thankyou Sandi,I could not believe how many basics were out there!

    I will let you know Jen,I can post you a sample,if you like?
    Thanks for reading gorgeous girls!

  9. It's never, never bad when you are saving money!!

  10. Back again....So I posted a pic (on my sewing blog) of my sewing room which is weirdly similar to your box room.

  11. And sometimes you have to spend money to save money ..... is that it Mel?

    Kismet Deb!