Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Won't Smile.

''Don't you want me to take your photo,Darling''?

''Yes,of course'' was the reply.

Sunday Brunch jacket and Nature Walk pants by oliver+s

''Won't you smile''?

''A bigger smile''?

''Why''? I was asked.

''Never mind''

I know she looks lovely,its evident she feels lovely,why make her smile?
(and where do I get myself some of that confidence)?


  1. I would love a dose of her beauty AND confidence!

  2. Very "Mona Lisa" of her! She's got confidence for sure! Love it.

  3. Wow, this is a look straight out of the Sartorialist! Tres chic.

  4. She was all smiles when she got home...... ''EVERYONE wanted to know where I got my outfit from''!
    Sarvi,What is the Satorialist?

  5. Sartorialist is an online mag(?) - photos of 'nobodies' in their own very stylish/funky/chic clothes!!! (the pics are just taken randomly when the photographer/author sees them in the street)

  6. Oh, Nicole, how proud you both must have felt! Her to be in your clothing and being asked where to find them! Prfect! So hoping that A will be the same someday and not turned off by hand made things. Great job!

  7. A nice little affirmation for mummy and daughter!
    I am sure you will let Miss A make her own choices so that she will welcome your lovely clothes,Mel.