Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bubbles for Little One

oliver+S Bubble Dress
Oh how I love this dress! It is so, so sweet! I wished it came in bigger size's ,until I made one for my six year old, it really is a baby/toddler dress. Although ,the view B without the scallops could look really funky over leggings......I digress(which I do frequently).

I have made two of these divine numbers for Little One, one with bubbles and one without, and with her second birthday around the corner I thought it was high time for another!(or two)
Now the scalloped version HAS to be a spotty fabric,its a bubble dress! But the softer balloony style has a lot more scope. The bodice on both views is perfect as a canvas for a really geometric design as it has a lovely, uncluttered front.
So, I decided on the Michael Miller Disco Dots for view A and Tula Pinks Bunny Damask for view B.

Bunny Damask for view B

It is well worth taking your time cutting this pattern out if you are using obvious repeat, as it displays your fabric to full advantage. I made one in an Amy Butler print and was very fussy with the front bodice but the rest I just cut to grain as it was a busy abstract print.

Amy Butler Bubble dress

Another , I just cut to grain as the pattern was very busy. It worked out just as well.

Rosey Bubbles!

I have ended up cutting out five Bubble Dresses, two for Little Ones birthday in size 12-18 mnths, one for her friend in size 2T to be sewn now. I also cut out two more in size 2T for Little One to have in Summer 2012. I love having outfits pre-cut!

Three to sew now and two for 'ron'

Now to sew them up!

To be continued.....


  1. What a great idea to pre-cut outfits! When I'm in the mood to cut I love it, but when I'm in the mood to sew and nothing is cut, I dread it!

  2. Oh, I'm excited about this upcoming set of posts -- I just traced a size 2T to make my daughter a dress for Chinese New Year, which is right around the corner! I'm making it in a plain red silk with a white cotton lining. Too plain? Any thoughts on embellishments? I have so little of the silk, it'll be a challenge to make it all fit.

  3. Thanks Sandi, and if they are a print that doesn't require special placement, you can lay the fabric in layers and cut several at once!

    Thats sound gorgeous Sarvi, do you really think she will need a 2T? Or are you sizing up because of the lux fabric?
    I would make the dress and then add detail ONLY if you really want to, it's elegance could so quickly be overwhelmed.
    I cannot wait to see it!

  4. I can't wait to see the bubble dresses. I bought the pattern especially to suit some fabric that I had, that is how I got hooked on O+S! It is such a sweet pattern for little ones.
    I could never pre-cut fabric for the time I would get back to them I would have changed my mind!!
    How do you cut? With a rotary cutter or scissors? Do you use pins or weights?
    I love thw fabric that you have chosen, by the way.

  5. Thankyou Millie!
    Sometimes I get so involved in fabric choice I just can't decide- then I usually go with my first option!
    I tend to over think things so it works for me to decide and cut-and then it's ready to go!
    I cut out on the table with scissors and I use lots and lots of pins. I will often layer fabric and cut out several at once but I am very fussy , checking that it is all perfectly smooth.
    I am glad you like my fabric choices!

  6. These are going to be gorgeous, Nicole! I like having things cut out too - as much as I hate cutting, it's great to just be able to pick something up and sew! Can't wait to see the bunny damask one - I tossed up between a bubble dress and a birthday party for Miss L with this fabric!
    Sarvi - I think your dress sounds gorgeous as is

  7. Thanks Justine!
    I like to cut when the children are up and sew when they are in bed.
    Love, love, love Bunny Damask. I have the green/sage as well!
    I agree with you about Sarvi's dress- sounds luscious.

  8. I have begun pre-cutting patterns too! I thought it would be perfect for the free minutes I grab between class assignments. And, I was right! It's great to have it all there, just waiting. I store my cut pieces inside my pattern bags, just like you.

    No idea why this has never come to me before...

  9. And, I LOVE that bunny print! With Niblet so attached to bunnies just now, maybe I should try and find some?

    (Have finally posted again on my blog. You've encouraged me to be less lazy about it! Thanks. I really enjoy it when I get in the mood.)

  10. I do want to squeeze the maximum amount of dress out of the fabric, as it's made from leftovers from her grandma's dress, so it's a bit special. Also, 2T is the smallest size I have, and it's a bit painful to buy another copy of the pattern to make a single dress in the top size of the range.

    I thought and dreamt about it last night and am thinking of adding just a simple velvet ribbon around the waist ... we'll see. So happy to have a mini-sew-along!

    (The rosy bubbles, especially, really do remind me of Laura Ashley -- I had a dress from them as a child and it was my favorite!)

  11. I love pre-cutting, I find it difficult to sew with other people around, but cutting out is fine. Husband moved a cedar chest of drawers to the end of our table and all my cutting gear is in that, so I can set up whenever I have a spare minute!
    Tula Pink is so clever, I love her Hushabye Collection, it is so whimsical and clever, Mel.

    I see your point Sarvi, It may be longer , but that would look sweet!
    Velvet ribbon sounds beautiful and I know you will track down proper cotton velvet ribbon, not the nasty nylon stuff!
    The girls nursery are both done in Laura Ashley and I swoon over their charcoal silk curtains printed with silver dahlias for my room!

  12. Nicole...another mentioned that you use cotton rich fabric for you know how much cotton? 50/50 or more? I need to source some. Sheeting is 50/50, but lots of the other poly/cotton is 65 poly/35 cotton. That sounds like too much polyester to me.
    Also about how much outer fabric would you allow for one little bubble dress? Say 6 month size? I was thinking of buying the pattern to use for making baby gifts. I have the bigger size for my girls.

  13. Hi Millie,The lining I buy is sold as cotton rich so it must be at least 50% cotton. Sheeting sounds like a great idea!
    As for yardage,if you choose a fabric without an obvious repeat,I am pretty sure 3/4 of a yard would be lots!
    I made the two little girls Bubble dresses from some Nicey Jane dots and was able to cut both (6-12 mnths&size 5) from 1 1/2 yards!

  14. These dresses are so beautiful! I know it's been nearly a year since you posted, but do please let me know if you'd be interested in selling these, if your daughter has outgrown the 12-18 mos size :) My daughter was born on Jan 29 (just 3 days after this post!!), and I am on the hunt for gorgeous dresses! I *love* this Oliver + S pattern, which I know has been discontinued but I've seen for sale elsewhere... I just don't know if I trust my (beginner's!) skill to making one of these bubble dresses :)

  15. Cara,what a lovely compliment!
    I am afraid Miss Tildy is still wearing them and they are quite tatty now!

    Did you see that I blogged this dress step by step? I am sure you can do it.
    If you need any help I am only an email away or the O+S forums are very helpful and there is a Boutique Sewers program
    I can recommend this lovely lady

    Which dress did you particularly like? I could make you one but I will need to organise a licence.

    Feel free to contact me again and enjoy your beautiful daughter!

    x Nicole