Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Don't Want You!

I'm tired and cross
You made me share my toys with that girl
You put me in my cot when I hit her
I cried
You wouldn't let me out until I said sorry
(I didn't mean it)
I don't want you.......I want my brother

I love that she loves him so much
I love that (apart from squabbles)they love each other so much
I know that (Heaven Forbid)
If something happens
They have each other

I love that


  1. And I love you for this post. You made me tear up this morning. Yes, indeed, they will always have each other. SO very sweet.

  2. I also teared up! Glad to know it's a mom thing, and not just my personal hormones. So beautiful, love her little hand around his neck!

  3. Thankyou dear friends!
    I love that you 'get' this.

  4. oh, Nicole, such a lovely post! And you had doubts about starting a blog!

  5. So sweet. Nephew Bear has started being "Big Brother" to the girls and I think it's so darling the way siblings bond.

    P.S. I'm so excited you're blogging!

  6. Her little face is so sweet! Aren't big brothers wonderful?

  7. Thankyou girls!
    Big brothers can be very special.... mine had my four older children for the night so Husband and I could go away!

  8. What a beautiful post and beautiful picture!

  9. Showed my husband this post, and we both teared up, me for the second time! I just love this so much.

  10. Thankyou Sarvi&Co, that makes me feel very special!