Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here We Go....

It has been suggested that I start a blog.
I have only had a computer for 12 months, but I love all the new contacts and dare I say it , friends I have made.
Why anyone would want to read about my life is beyond me....... but I like to sew, I like to take photos and I love talking about my gorgeous family.
The Fab 5 off to check the rams
Note the boots? We have snakes!
So here we go!


  1. I'm so glad you have a blog now - I love the glimpses of your Australian idyll that we get on the flickr group, but this is even better!
    (bit worried about those snakes, though, hope your small ones are good at spotting them)

  2. Absolutely Spoony!
    We start snake awareness quite young, snakes are''bitey'' and you move slowly away.
    In our area , the snakes are timid and generally long gone by the time the children have made some noise, but they are deadly so its a lesson that has to be learned.

  3. Nicole - a blog! I love it! I'm also happy to see more of your home and I really like the detailed description of how you made little one's tea party dress fully lined. I hope you keep posting those. :)