Monday, January 10, 2011

Romantic Night for Two(+1)

I love school holidays.
I didn't have five children by accident!
I actually LIKE being with them.
But I was tired....
We had a lot of ill health last term,
Nothing serious, no need to see the Doctor.
But lots of home nursing,
And I was tired.
My darling Husband,
Spoke to my darling brother,
And, last weekend,I got a night away!
Room Service, champagne on the balcony, breakfast in bed,
And I got to have the froth off my cappuccino!
Just the two of us!

(plus one)


  1. Awww...adorable picture. And what a wonderful hubby you're a lucky lady.

  2. Heartwarming! And what a sweet image of the big, gruff-looking guy giving a sweet smooch to his little curly-haired daughter! Contrasts like that are so funny and nice, like those posters of a big dog cuddling a little kitten. I like your poems!

  3. You are a lucky woman, Nicole!! (Also very deserving of a night away) Lovely photo :)

  4. I am very lucky and he is lovely ( and a complete softy with his girls) ..... but I think I deserved a night away too, Thankyou Justine.