Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Week by the Sea....Part One

Well, it was a farmers week, which means 4 1/2 days, but we got away!
When Son was little and the Twins were babies we  holidayed in Robe, a little sea side town in South Australia. It is a very pretty place, both in summer and winter, with lovely beaches and many sights to see.
We dreamed of owning our own block of land, possibly with a tent and then maybe an old caravan, working up to a shed with lavatory and shower.

As we peered in the Real Estate windows we spotted a little cottage at Boatswains Point, we had never heard of the place!
Captain Boggles Tiger Moth Flights booking office was next store so we popped in to quiz him. Stroking his magnificent moustache he waxed lyrical of flying over the hidden coves, secluded beaches and tiny village that was Boatswains Point. Then he mentioned the magic phrase , it was cheap!

That was us hooked, we went for a drive and found our rather grubby looking cottage, we were in love!

Bosun's Cottage
That was 10 years ago, since then we have painted and gardened our tiny paradise and tiny it is! It is one  stone room with a little laundry/shower/lavatory annex at one end, but our catch cry to cynics is ,
''It's bigger than a caravan'.
 It's a five minute walk to the beach, long enough to warm up for a swim on the way there and warm up again on the way back after a swim. We love it!

We chose a very vibrant colour scheme to disguise the sand. The apple green is so refreshing and the cobalt blue helps brighten up the seriously dodgey fittings.

 One day we will 'fix' it up .....until then we enjoy it as it is!

The beach is usually quiet, you may get the odd fishermen, but that's it. The water is cool as a rule so the children swim in wetsuits, this keeps them warmer and helps with buoyancy while snorkeling.

Fab Four having fun!

Don't you love brothers!

Little One was NOT keen on the water, which was fine by me! It means that she will happily play by the edge while I watch the other four. Small One was just the same as a baby, whereas Son and The Twins would walk in ..... and just keep walking!

Little One
Son & Heir spent a lot of time snorkeling, there are lots of little fish and crabs close to the shore.


The twins swam, boogie boarded and generally larked about. I couldn't tell them apart in the water!

The Twins

It was all too much for Little One, she slept in the shade of a friendly fisher mans boat.

Tuckered Out!

We had a ball! (he he)
To be continued....


  1. hehehe - Miss L is the same as Little One - won't walk in the water at all - went to the beach yesterday and I was carrying her with MY feet only in the water and she was crying to 'go back there, (away from the water) Mummy'! (btw - what's Little One wearing in these pics?? Can't pick the top!)

  2. Yes, Justine , we had the same!
    Its a little Espirt top, nice long sleeves for the beach, she was given it for christmas.
    The leggings are a Kwik Sew pattern, I will look up the number for you, they are quick to make and a really nice fit!

  3. OMGoodness - a non-mummy top! It's very pretty though! I like the leggings too - may give them a go!

  4. I think the cottage is amazing! And besides, families used to live in much smaller places. It doesn't hurt to have everyone close now and then. Good on you for diving in!!

  5. I LOVE the cottage! I wish we had something like that. We've wished for something in the mountains. Maybe some day we'll get serious about it. Just waiting for the money to fall from the sky - LOL. Lovely pics, Nicole.

  6. Thanks girls, we were soooo lucky, the prices have gone through the roof now!
    The empty block next door is for sale at three times what we payed for ours.....and it has nothing on it!