Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bees , Bunnies and Beasties

The twins informed me that they couldn't hang out the sheets as there were some bees near the clothesline.
''Don't bother them , and they won't bother you"! says I , elbow's deep in the sink scrubbing nappies. "Well, there's more than a few'' replies Twin 2.
A few bees...
   "The bunnies don't mind them" says Twin 1 , "But the bees got angry when we had a look, Dad sent us in while he got some petrol"
Nonchalant bunnies
Ten minutes later.... ''Mummy, come here, isn't it beautiful? May I keep it?'' 
At least they are not poisonous.
Huntsman Spider

I wonder if it could live in the lizard aquarium.....


  1. Somebody get the smelling salts, I think that spider is about to make me faint. On the other hand, those lucerne in your other post look wonderful. There's a brand of dairy products here called Lucerne -- I had no idea it was a flowering thing!

  2. Sarvi, you make me laugh! I'm with you though. Heavens, the size of that thing! Nicole, please tell me that's not Little One's hand near the spider!?

    And Nicole, Niblet would absolutely flip over those bunnies! She is very partial.

  3. The huntsman spider can get quite large but they are non-venomous. The bite does hurt, but they are not aggressive. That is Twin 2's hand, the body of the spider is about an inch long (and if you look closely, its behind the screen) and No, I did not let her keep it!

  4. hehehe - when we have huntsmen inside (which is fairly common in summer) I ppick them up to take them outside!