Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How I love thee Nature (Walk Pants)

I love oliver+S patterns! http://www.oliverands.com/
I found them 12 months ago , I now have all the design's in both sizes and I have barely sewn with any other patterns since!
Nature Walk pants size 12 adjusted to fit Son&Heir
Today I finished another pair of Nature Walk pants for the twins. I made these pants some months ago for Son&Heir to take on his school camp. They are designed to be made in knit fabric but I found they made up well in stretch drill for a more substantial trouser.

I have made them previously for the twins , as short's in a lovely, stretchy, linen-denim fabric and as 3/4 pants to wear with their oliver+S Ruffled Halter tops.

Twin 1 requested roll up cuffs, I have an abhorrence of exposed seams, so we compromised.

A roll up cuff with the seam bound with City Weekend Tree Tops, the same fabric as her halter top.
I bound the seam after sewing the inner leg and only half way up the leg, it looks neat from the outside and she can roll once , twice or not at all!

Mother and daughter both happy!


  1. Welcome to blogland! Love the bound seam, very cute.

  2. Hooray Nicole for a blog! I think we might all be secretly envious of your dreamy farm life. :)

  3. I really like little 'secrets' like the bound seam in a special fabric.

  4. Yay!!! Nicole blogging! It had to happen, really :)

  5. I've always wondered what an Aussie farm is like... ;)

  6. I think I am going to have a go at the nature walk trousers too. I had planned on making them as full length but now I think I might squeeze a couple of pairs of shorts in as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. My absolute pleasure!
    Thankyou all for being so supportive.

  8. Welcome to blogging Nicole!
    I asked a while back on Flickr if you had a blog and am glad you now do, it's a great way to 'meet' fellow enthusiasts.
    Love the bound seam, great compromise.

  9. Oh, how lovely! Are you the quilter that sent me that friendly note?
    I honestly would never have thought of blogging, but I do enjoy it!
    Thankyou for your interest.

  10. No, I'm another crazy sewing mum who emailed you when I saw your O+s creations!
    I haven't ventured into the world of quilting - too scared I would pile up even more fabric then!
    You should be able to click on my name above to find my blog - but if not it's here:

  11. I will check it out Karen, Thanks!

  12. Nicole can you tell me how do you do this or direct me to a tutorial? I did a search on the forum page but I can only find bound seams for the Sunday Brunch jacket and they are not flat. I would like to do it to the sandbox pants that I am making for my granddaughter in 21 wale corduroy because I make them long and roll them up a couple inches.

  13. So simple Kim,I bound the flat seam(after folding the top of the binding under so it was neat) and simply top stitched it down.
    When I get my camera back,I will do a tutorial!
    x N