Wednesday, July 31, 2019

OOP Style 4213 Dungarees for Zara

So... you know I love sewing vintage patterns

This one, Style 4213 , was no exception.
Image from Pinterest
Zara has been asking me to sew her some 70's style dungarees with super wide legs.
Image from Pinterest.
Well, they don't come too much wider than this.
Check out those legs, nearly as twice as wide as the waist!
How fabulous does she look?
Zara has the best style.
The pattern was a straight forward enough sew but I knew fitting was going to be an issue.
I told Zara she was going to have to come home and let me fit as I sewed.
The waist was spot on but I did add some length to the waistband, just in case, and I ended up using it to make an underlap for the back button.

I also added length to the straps as they alway seem to run short and you can always cut it off if you don't need it.
I laid the pattern against Zara's 'leg and 'guesstimated' an extra inch to each thigh.
I tapered it out, above and below.
I sewed the inside leg, topstitched, and then basted and fitted the outside leg.
I nipped the waist in a bit more and tapered the front darts.
I shortened the leg, at the lengthen/shorten line, by 3cm.
To imitate a RTW look, I sewed a jeans label I unpicked off of some old work jeans.
I sewed them up in Denim Light Cotton Twill- Bleached from Spotlight $17/m (it regularly comes on sale)and apart from being a bit pong-y (you could smell the bleach) it sewed up really well.
I topstitched with heavy, jeans weight thread in white.
The buttons are white, river-stone.
~Zara's Verdict~
These overalls are absolutely gorgeous, what a vibe!
They are exactly what I was looking for and so flattering.
The wash of the denim is perfection, it is the exact blue I wanted.
Once again my mum is an absolute genius.
~My Verdict~
I had so much fun sewing these.
I think I may have to knock up a sneaky pair of trousers... you just leave the front bib off.
I think we got very lucky with the sizing.
Th only thing that confused me was the waistband is attached after sewing the zipper but there was no under/over lap for the button?
Maybe it needed a hook and eye?
A very quick, rewarding sew.
Special thanks to Ruby for the photos.

Thank you for reading....xx N


  1. They are a perfect fit with no gaping! That's no small feat Nicole. You did a beautiful job.

    1. Thank you for noticing Masha.
      The fabric had no stretch so I had to work at it.
      xx N