Monday, June 29, 2020

OOP Simplicity 7606 Blazer for Matilda

So, after a highly successful, Friday night, #ninjacutting session.
I was able to jiggle a blazer and a pair of dungarees  ) from some very pretty embroidered corduroy that I purchased from Eliza Fabrics.
It is a truly lovely piece of fabric, very soft with good quality embroidery. I think it was $5/m, maybe $6?
It had quite a few flaws (all kindly marked with red tailors knots) but, by pure fluke, they all were around my pattern pieces.
The blazer is unlined and I ummed and ahhed about whether to line it, partially line or just line the sleeves.
In the end, after much discussion with Matilda, we decided to go with the status quo and leave it unlined.
It is not a thick, Winter warmth type fabric anyway. Tildy gets hot and as it is quite fitted she was worried about the lining being sticky.
She also thought it would look super cute over her Summer dresses, thus again, unlined worked the best!
I am sorry about the photos, I struggle to photograph black.
The jacket has lovely shaping, nipping in at the waist ever so slightly.
The pocket flaps are for look, there are no pockets (but I think I will add patch pockets if I make another version).
It makes a lovely suit with her dungarees/trousers.
It looks proper smart!
~My Verdict~
This is why I sew.
To be able to make an piece of clothing for my daughter, that she loves, that she looks and feels amazing in and that I had an absolute blast sewing, well, that is pretty, jolly nice!
This wasn't a 'hard' sew but it was a 'proper' sew. The collar and lapels are constructed properly with an upper collar (that is a smidge larger) and an under collar (two piece, cut on the bias).
This meant I could fit the blazer on Matilda, 'roll' the collar to sit nicely, pin it, steam it, let it dry and the catch the seams in place with a hand tacking stitch.
The lapels are quite wide, but it was the 70's and that was the fashion. Paired with her new shirt, from the same era, it all works,
Although I tried it on Tildy several times whilst sewing, I didn't adjust the fit what so-ever, it was perfect, straight out of the packet.
~Matilda's Verdict~

I love the little pleat on the back and the one button to hold it all together. 
My former teacher Mrs V loves blazers and say that we will be blazer buddies now and that we will be legends together.
Thank you for reading....
                                         xx Nicole


  1. This must be the pinnacle! I love the look and the fit. Matilda looks stunning and a blazer is so useful. Well done to you.

  2. Thank you so much!
    I hope she will get a lot of wear from it. We think it will look very cute over dresses too.
    xx Nicole

  3. That is a beautiful jacket and fits your daughter so well, I used to sew clothes for all 4 of my children, pretty dresses for my daughter and shorts, shirts and everything for my 3 boys. All grown now and away. I miss those times. I now crochet and knit as well as quilt, so always busy. So glad to have found your blog, I loved those days when my children were little.

    1. The sewing is certainly different when they get older Chris, not as much fun.
      My older daughter and I argue (good natured-ly) about fit and dress length. They also tend to be very critical of my sewing but quite accepting of fit in their 'fast fashion' ;)
      That said, having to learn to sew clothes they want, has really expanded my skill set, so that is a win!
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      xx Nicole