Saturday, June 27, 2020

Butterick 6296 (B6296) Pyjamas for Elsa

Seriously, you think I would have learnt by now.
Take the photos before handing over the sewing.
I made these pyjamas, B6296 , last year for Elsa.
My favourite pyjama pattern.
And not just because I am a total Liesl fangirl, well, maybe just a bit.
A replacement pair for her worn out watermelons
I truly love sewing these and go all out, piping everything I can.
I like to use pre-made poly/cotton piping (less chance of colour run) and I use my method of applying it to the cuff before sewing it to the garment and then top stitching it in place.
This incloses those seams for a neat finish.
I also favour interfacing the facings and top stitching them in place. This stops them curling in the wash.
I like to top stitch my pocket bags down too.
I like to 'wrap' my waistband too.
Attaching the waist band to the inside first and then topstitching it in place.
*If piping the back bottoms yoke seam it is best to neaten both edges first as it is quite tricky to run that seam through the overlocker after piping.
The first time I made these pyjamas we found the shoulder was a little wide and the legs are way, way too long for us shorties.
I find whatever size I make, I do this alteration.
Apart from that, a perfect pj pattern.
~Elsa's Verdict~
As stated previously I love my loungewear, so when it comes to pjs I want something warm and snuggly.
 They definitely hit the mark not to mention they have alpacas (or I should say llamas) on them!
 I still have my watermelon ones which I have worn to the point that they are wearing thin. 
Thanks mum, definitely will commission some more!
~My Verdict~
I always enjoy sewing these pyjamas.
The first time I sewed them I was so surprised at how long they took to make but now I know, it is a very enjoyable marathon.
I have made them five times now and have a shorty Shibori pair cut and ready to sew!
I *think* there may be an errata with the collar notches? I have traced my pattern piece and corrected it but be aware of that is you have troubles.
In conclusion, if you are tall and have broad shoulders this is a perfect pattern for you!
If you are a little shorter and petite it is a very easy fix to make this a perfect pattern for you. i.e. Shorten the leg and trim and inch or so from the shoulder!

Thank you for reading....
                                          xx Nicole 


  1. Loving your Mum & child selfies.

    The PJ's are cool too. I bow down to anyone who inserts piping.

    1. Thank you, I thought it would be fun to be on both sides of the camera.
      I am also aware I have next to no photos of my Mum so I think I need to work on that with my chaps.
      I use my zipper foot with piping now, life changing!
      xx Nicole

  2. Good to read this - I've made the same pattern five times now - in flannel and fine cotton. I have two in Liberty cut out to start sewing today (not seasonal!). I adjust the shoulders too - and on my last pair I took some off the top of the sleeve and it seems to sit better on as well. I've never piped mine or made the top pocket - and I've often left off the bottom pockets too. This really speeds them up!

    1. You are right, the linen pair I made Zara were so much quicker.
      I have not made Liberty ones but I am very keen too.
      I picked up a large lot of Spotlight Japanese lawn on sale and want to make some. I am a bit nervous about the lawn as the satin was a PITA to work with.
      Thank you for your comment
      xx Nicole

  3. Forgot to add - I put a back facing in as well, and add a label to that. I think I read about doing the facing on a post about the Carolyn pjs by Closetcase. It speeds the sewing up as well, as the collar finishing is hidden under both facings. And it looks really tidy! Thanks for all your advice! :-)

    1. Oooh, I may check out that facing, that is a great idea as Lidia's has worn quite badly at the back yoke (we think it may be her acne face wash)
      xx Nicole

  4. I need to make myself some pj for next winter. Maybe I will try some piping too. Yours looks so very professional.

    1. If you need some piping let me, I have a bulk lot I picked up on sale!
      Thank you so much, it is a great pattern.
      xx Nicole

  5. lovely details on these llamajamas. I'm doing sushi flannelette ones but quick and simple!!

    1. I love sushi pj's, I have a transfer I will put aside for you!
      xx Nicole