Sunday, June 28, 2020

OOP Simplicity 6826 Cape for Beatrix

This sew was a trip down Memory Lane.
Look, my sewing room was still Oliver+S aqua!
During our 2017 Victorian Holiday I purchased some lovely, thick woollen fabric. At the time I was told it was a cashmere mix but having since sewn with cashmere (it was labeled) I suspect it wasn't.
It doesn't matter, it is soft and warm.
When I got home I cut and sewed this cape for Matilda.
To make the most of the cloth I #ninjacut one for Trixie too.
Now in 2017, Trixie was just a tiny tot and my smallest cape pattern was for a size 4, so I cut it and put it away.
I have a checklist that Lidia made me. If I ninjacut something not being made immediately I add all the information to the list and this is kept on a clipboard on my sewing trolley.
Just so I don't forget!
cape originally made by Witchery Kids, no longer available.
Funny story, when I cut this cape I wasn't sure I would still want the epaulets and pocket flaps (when sewing it up) so I stored the extra pieces of fabric in tiny ziplock bag, with the above picture, in with the cut pattern, just in case.
Fast forward three years and I thought I would quite like the details so I opened the bag.... and found two black wool cuff cutoffs.
I was so confused and then it clicked.
I had altered a jacket for one of Hugo's friends, shortening the sleeves. I always send the scraps back, just in case a garment needs a repair in the future. It was at the same time I was cutting the capes and I must have sent the navy wool bits back to her!
(The were only small and would have been in the same size ziplock bag)
I made discrete inquiries about the jacket and found out it had been donated so I figured the scraps were long gone.
I had a good whinge to a Marco Polo chum and moved on.
Any hoo...
The cape turned out very nicely indeed.
Trixie was super keen to have the double row of metal buttons like the inspiration picture.
The second row of buttons and button holes are faux.
Interesting point, I was reading in a couture sewing book that one always stitches the mock buttonholes, even if you they are not cut and you sew a button over the top.
As the cape is not meant to be double breasted the second row is off centre but I don't think it is super noticeable on a child's garment.
Trixie chose a pretty, coral-ly coloured satin for the lining
(From the remnant bin at Eliza Fabrics)
As the cape doesn't have a front facing I interfaced the front cape panel and front cape lining panel.
This actually caused a few issues when finishing, stretching out at the hem, and I thought I was going to have to jiggle things to make it work.
The finished garment has a bit of a wiggle at the hem but it is okay.
I made a note to cut the lining just a bit longer, next time, so I could adjust it.
I still have the scraps of Liberty I trimmed from the facings of Trixie's wool dungarees so I used that to make a sweet label.
~Trixie's Verdict~
Love it!
The buttons are my favourite because I like them because they really pretty.
The inside is pink, love that colour.
It has a hole for putting your hands in. For if you are feeling hot.
I love the colour and feel of the outside.
I can swing and twirl 
~My Verdict~
I did enjoy this sew!
Considering the type of garment it is, I think five hours is a very quick sew too!
The secret to sewing something with such thick fabric is to take care with your interfacing.
I traced my sheer weft to be exactly the size needed and made sure it was not caught in the seam.
I also carefully graded all my seams, taking care not to cut through my stitch lines.
As things had ended up a little twisty and funky at the front edge of the cape, I pressed and clappered the billy-oh out of it and then edge stitched all the way around to keep it in place.
Honestly, this was a very easy garment to make and it looks so much more complicated than it was!
Although it was only as size 4, it does fits Trixie as capes are quite forgiving.
I am a little disappointed I didn't get to make the dress or the cute little hat though.

Thank you for reading....
                                          xx Nicole 


  1. What a great cape. I remember my mother making my little sister one when she was about the same age. I was jealous as I only had a tailored coat!

    1. I love stories like that Margaret!
      I wonder if your sister was envious of your grown up coat?
      I can definitely understand your mother making the cape for the younger sibling, this cape was such a quick sew compared to a coat.
      Thank you for sharing, I really mean that.
      xx Nicole

  2. Gorgeous, I can't stop thinking about jackets (we've had 6 degrees overnight quite a bit lately!). I have some fabrics and linings so just need to get cracking ;o)

    1. If you have the fabric already (the expensive bit) go for it!
      Coat sewing is so 'blocky' that they do sew up quickly.
      Thank you xx Nicole
      PS You guys get down that cold? Wow, you must be feeling that. (Not sarcastic, I thought you didn't get that cool)