Wednesday, May 8, 2019

OOP Simplicity 6636 with OOP Simplicity 5992 Dungrees for Beatrix

Yes, you have seen these before
Last years,
And before that...
And where it started 
Trixie wore and wore and wore these dungarees.
The lawn lining added warmth and stopped them from the risk of itchiness.
The problem is, this pattern, Simplicity 5992, only goes up to a size 3.
Trixie needed a size 4.
So I had a hunt on eBay and found...
It had the same square neck and arm holes with the bonus of being front opening.
I figured I could use the shoulder flaps and side tabs from the size 3 pattern.
I had another look at the original Pinterest image and I decided to copy the pockets, rather than the squares ones I had sewed previously.
I used the Raven Pants pockets.
A problem I had to solve was altering the facings.
As I wanted to use the shoulder flaps I needed to sew the shoulder seams together.
(This pattern has a full facing that you sew to the main, leaving 5/8ths un-stitched at the shoulders. You press, clip, trip and turn these seams and then stitch the shoulder seams, together).
I cut the front facing into two pieces.
 And the back into three.
Joined them together and then sewed them in place.
I used a cotton poplin for the lining, placing the wrong sides together, basting the edges and then treated the two as one.
I hand sewed the lining edge to the zipper and hand sewed the hem.
I then hand sewed the facing to the lining, every fifth stitch I carefully caught the outer garment, taking care not to pull it too tightly.
I am so pleased with the results.
I don't think the front zipper detracts too much from the look and it makes it much easier for Trixie to have her independence.
The buttons are pretty, frangipani MoP buttons.
A touch of pink for my little girl.
They are so warm and snuggly and very wearable.
~My Verdict~
Do I care that I have made the same style dungaree for Trixie four times?
This herringbone wool was my best eBay buy ever. The fabric wears so well and for the price (around $20 for the partial roll) I have made so many garments and I think I have enough left for the next size dungarees.
(I am already searching for a pattern)
Lining it with cotton adds warmth and reduces any chance of prickle. It also stabilises the wool and stops it stretching out.
I love it, I love the side tabs, the 'Star Trek' shoulder flaps, the colour and the fact that is just such a practical piece of clothing that will be worn by many children.

~Trixie's Verdict~
I like the buttons and I like the zipper.
They are nice and warm.

Thank you for reading... xx N


  1. Gorgeous, Nicole. Dungarees are Trixie's signature look!

    1. Thank you!
      I think they may be my signature sew!
      xx N

  2. The larger pattern was a good spot! Did you ever make the dress from the original pattern?

    1. Thank you!
      I haven't but will as it is fine through the chest, she only needs a 4 for the length.
      Maybe I should make THAT in the herringbone....
      xx N

  3. Even more adorable than the rest!!

  4. Adorable! All of your children are beautiful, but she is just something special.

    1. Thank you Ang!
      When she was born, the midwife commented 'Don't lose sight of her in the crowd' and i have always remembered that.
      She may be #6 but she is very wanted and loved. She has my heart.
      xx N

    2. Lose sight of Trixie in the crowd??? Pshaw!!! NEVER!!! Not possible. She commands our attention.

    3. Absolutely.
      I know what she means though. Hugo grew up with a lad who was 'meant' to be a girl after several boys. He was cared for but always seemed a bit 'tacked on'.
      It was my decision to have all these beautiful people, I get tired but I owe it to them.
      xx N

  5. I hope you will never stop sewing dungarees!! I absolutely adore this pair, especially with the puffed long sleeves (what do you call that type of sleeve? not leg o' mutton ... ). Fabulous!

    1. Thank you!
      I have two more pairs cut (Trixie and Zara) so, not yet...
      I don't know what this sleeve is? Leg-o-mutton works... The puffy lower bit (like Tilly's gold dress) is a later sleeve.
      xx N

  6. Perfect! I’m sure you’ll agree that we value their independence just as much as they do! And because it has a centre seam it just looks like the zipper is meant to be there! Another recourse would have been buttons of course but I like the zip. It’s fast and simple and kids love zippers.