Tuesday, June 9, 2020

OOP Simplicity 9534 Pinafore (Jumper) for Lidia

This sew was pure stash busting.
The pattern, the fabric and the buckles.
I didn't even need to find them, Liddy left the lot in a basket on my cutting table
I have no idea where I got it from, it is not a style I would usually buy so I am guessing it came in a bag of goodies.
To be honest, I was not that taken with it, I have so many gorgeous vintage pinafore patterns and I suggested Liddy look at those but, nope, this is what she wanted.
The material is a thick cotton drill, a remnant from the Bullrush factory
The first thing I noticed was it was an economical sew. As my fabric didn't have a nap direction I could flip the pattern and cut the front and back from the same width.
I actually got this  and a black skirt (to be blogged) from one and a half metres.
The skirt has a 'trumpet' shape and skims in nicely and the waist.
It fastens with a side zipper.
I used a basic skirt zipper, rather than a metal teethed zipper as it doesn't have a fly guard.
I love the back, it is nice and high which is more comfortable to wear and keeps you warmer.
Very nice!
In fact I was so impressed I tracked down the smaller size for Matilda (and paid a pretty price) and made her one too!

So cute!
I love the way the waist nips in, no darts, just shaping!
~My Verdict~
This is one of those patterns that you would be happy to run up for a friends child. Quick sew, not too much fabric used and it looks super cute!
You could mix it up with more pockets, maybe a carpenter strap?
I went with a single pocket on the breast but there are other options included.
My buckles are from a seller on eBay , they take quite a few months to arrive so you do need to order ahead of time.
I do recommend this pattern and suggest you snaffle it up if you find it (in an OpShop or on eBay/Etsy)
~Lidia's Verdict~
This pinafore has a become of my favourite pieces! 
I love the fit of it as it looks really nice but I still have growing room. I think it looks better with shirts that are tighter compared to quite a few of my blouses which are rather floaty but I think it looks great with them too.
 I really like that depending on how it is styled, the pinnie can make quite a posh outfit or a comfy casual one as well.  I can also layer it for a Winter look or wear a top underneath and have a summer outfit. 
I cannot wait till I get more opportunities to wear this.
 Thank you Mumma xx
Thank you for reading.... xx Nicole
Special thanks to Lidia and Matilda for their photography skills.


  1. Stylish Lidia! I love the look and the "designer" label. Your family are so lucky to wear Mumma Couture.

    1. Thank you Margaret!
      I cannot wait to start my next sew, it is a stunning vintage dress for Lidia. High neck and waist line, leg-o-mutton sleeves, in a hail-spot georgette.
      xx Nicole

  2. Both pinafores look fantastic. Your girls have a good eye for reinterpretation of the older patterns and are very stylish. Lucky for them you can produce such amazing clothes. 👏👏👏

    1. Thank you Karen.
      They do have a good eye. I have always told them to 'look at the line drawing' but this time they put me to shame!
      xx Nicole

  3. Awesome!

    What's a carpenter's strap? Is it the strip with a 90 degree fold into which you hook a hammer

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, the strap thingy you can hang your hammer off when you are climbing up the ladder.
      xx Nicole

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Jane, the equivalent of sewing a pair of boardies. Straight forward and you know they are going to be flogged.
      xx Nicole