Saturday, June 13, 2020

OOP McCall's 5321 Dungarees for Beatrix

Trixie has grown past the stage of me being able to dress her up like a little dolly.
That's okay, I had a good run.

To be honest, Trixie spends most of her time (inside) in knickers and a singlet.
But when she is outside she likes trousers and dungarees.
And she loves purple.
I have had this vintage 1976 McCall's 5321 set aside to sew up for Trixie since she was a baby.
I purchased it from this seller on eBay, I highly recommend her!
Apologies for the dusky photos, this sew was really hard to photograph.
I purchased the fabric from Spotlight, on clearance.
From two metres I was able to cut these and a pair of Finch shorts (to be sewn) and a Blizzard bonnet #ninjacutting 
As always, I am a complete sucker for shoulder ruffles.
The back ties are awfully sweet but quite uncomfortable to wear (according to Trixie) and I always make sure they are undone before we travel anywhere.
I sewed Trixie the size 5.
I was surprised, although a little long in the leg they only just fit in the body.
The legs were a little too flared for my taste so I folded the excess out, to make a straight leg from just below the knee.
The back tie (although very cute) also can make toileting an issue.
She can manage the zipper if it is untied.
~Trixie's Verdict~
I like the ruffles, I like them soooooo much.
They are like coloured hair on my shoulders.
They feel comfortable and warm-y and they are good for farming.
I really love the feel of the purple, that is all.
~My Verdict~
I was a bit disappointed in this sew.
I guess I was so excited to make them and then they just didn't quite turn out as I had expected.
The bodice is self faced and that became very bulky to sew, in retrospect I should have used poplin or lawn.
The velveteen, although lush, frayed like the billy-oh and was difficult to grade as it disintegrated as I trimmed it.
I reversed the pile, to exaggerate the intense colour and it is beautiful.
I do think they look lovely with her mustard Liberty blouse but....
I am not sure I will sew them again for Trixie.
I may make the pinafore, maybe, in a nice fabric?
They were not an enjoyable sew but they may have been my fabric choice.
Trixie looks great and they are washing very well and appear to be very sturdy so I will have to be happy with that.
Thank you for reading... xx Nicole 


  1. They do grow up and assert themselves! My son was choosing his tshirts from around 18 months. Now that he is 19 he wears black, or navy, or dark grey...

    I love the dungarees!

    1. Thank you!
      I love them do, do you still sew for your son, I don't do as much for Hugo now.
      xx Nicole

  2. Beautiful dungarees but I can see how the back tie might be uncomfortable. Trixie is a great model!

    1. Thank you Margaret, I had a suggestion to remove the ties and I think I shall.
      xx Nicole

  3. This style suits her so well. My 5 year old doesn’t care for dungarees as much as they might be far more practical for farmwork. They have their own ideas. Love the colour on her too!

    1. I love dungarees!
      Thank you Tamara.
      xx Nicole