Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Butterick 6296 Pyjamas for Elsa

Anyone else grow up watching the terribly inappropriate Carry On movies, laughing away as the innuendo went straight over their heads?
I can't find a clip that mentions the item in question but Dr Nookie convinces Goldie to sleep in his room, offering her his 'japama's'
The above is the closest scene I could find. Poor Dr Nookie's drink has been spiked with surgical spirit.
Any hoo... japama's has stuck around this place.
And these are some fine 'japama's'.
The Lisette pyjamas which I have sewn before.
This time I made the Winter version, long sleeves and full length bottoms, in some flannelette from Spotlight which I purchased on sale.
Spotlight flannelette is fine but only buy it on sale. It comes up (reduced) regularly and the quality is okay but not fantastic (oh, that I could still afford Amy Butler) and it is really narrow. This pattern uses 4 metres.
I piped all the edges with some weird, poly cotton pre-made piping I was given when a haberdashery closed down. 
The black looks great against the bright fabric and I know it wont run in the wash.
Now, on to my mistake.
The legs are way, way too long.
I did adjust the pattern before I sewed but I completely forgot about the cuff!
When Elsa gets home I hope she will let me shorten them.
Apart from being too long in the leg, they are great!
I remembered to add the piping to both sides of the front panels (when I made her satin ones I only did one).
I did modify the shoulder fit. I removed an inch from the shoulder on the body, tapering it down to nothing at the notch point.
This just gives more arm movement and is more comfortable.

*I was just reading pattern review and read something interesting. My collar notches didn't line up with my facings and I assumed I had drafted incorrectly so just adjusted my pattern. Two other people have had the same issue so perhaps look out for that.*

They took me around 9 hours to sew, the piping does add time. I will never complain about the cost of pyjamas again.

I really enjoyed sewing them. I have started a Pinterest board full of ideas for future sews.

Thank you for reading
xx N


  1. Very cute! And a new to me movie to look for on Netflix!

    1. Thank you!
      You can find the movies on youtube too.
      xx N

  2. So funny we were both working on this pattern! Yes, the legs are SO LONG. Finished side seam length is listed as 42 inches in my size, and I'm only 63 and a half inches tall total! So I took off like five inches, and mine are STILL a bit long! Next time I'll go a size down for a narrower leg since they have plenty of ease. These look great!

  3. Have you made the top yet? How did you get on with the collar?
    It is a really nice pattern, I love the yoke on the bottom.
    I did take some length out but, wow, no where near enough, we are pretty short here though.
    I think I would size back for me too but I have a flat bum, I offered to pinch some ease out of the leg but Elsa didn't mind. I think in a silk or voile the fullness would be good.
    Thank you for your feedback, very useful!
    xx N