Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lisette Butterick 6296 (B6296) PJ's for Zara

More #ninjacutting more #zaragoestouni sewing.
I had a good size piece of linen left over from Zara's dress so I offered her pyjamas.
Lisette pyjamas another pattern from the Liesl Gibson stable.
I had made them before  for Elsa.
When I forgot to pipe the underside, doh!
After a year of wear, Elsa reported that the dropped shoulder style became quite annoying.
Enough so that she can't sleep in them.
I trimmed an inch, tapered back to nothing at the notches, on Zara's and that has improved the fit remarkably.
Please note, Zara and Elsa have my narrow shoulders but when I lay these on some RTW pjs they do have a very wide shoulder. 
The linen continues to soften beautifully and the white river stone buttons are very elegant.
I made Zara the straight 14 for the bottoms as she wanted to be comfortable and I didn't want strain put on the linen.
~Zara's Verdict~
These pyjamas are absolutely divine.
So comfortable and very expensive looking. They are a very luxurious pair of pyjamas. Mum did a lovely job, thank you Mum!
~My Verdict~
A very nice pyjama pattern now we have it sorted. The pattern goes together well although I prefer to inclose my raw edges for a neater finish so I go with my own method on the cuffs.
Very good piping instructions.

I have since made Elsa a Winter pair in flannelette and be warned, the legs are soooo long. Elsa is 5'4'' and I did shorten the pattern but they are still dragging on the ground. I didn't realise until after I had piped and sewn the cuff...

A good pattern though and I do recommend it, just aware if you are petite you may want to check the shoulder fit and leg length.
So, from 4m of linen, a pair of pyjamas, a dress and a toddler hat (yet to be sewn) #ninjacutting for the win!

xx N


  1. Lovely! Good to know about shoulder width - I am not petite but my shoulders are narrow as well.

    1. Thank you!
      A lovely pattern once you know it!
      xx N