Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Too Much 2+2 Adorableness(is that a word)?

No need for words....

2+2 skirt and blouse

2+2 skirt and blouse

Hello,do I know you?

Go outside?

Why is it too cold?

Yes,I am so cute!

Can you resist me?

You said 'Smile',I am smiling!

About face

With Cardy.


  1. Oh, Lord, that last picture is so much like her sisters posing for theirs.

    Beautiful! All of it. And no I don't think I could resist her.

  2. Nope, there are no words necessary. She's adorable and she knows it as well as the rest of us!!

  3. Not sure about 'adorableness' but you are right!
    Love these pics!

  4. Thank you Lotta,Mel and Justine,I think the age of 'innocence' is over when it comes to photography now!

  5. how old is she here? I hadn't planned on making any skirts for my little one (now 20 mo) because I usually don't like them until they are a little older. but these photos of Missy M just might be convincing me otherwise!!

  6. Rebecca,I think she may be just turned 2 here?
    Matilda had one of these skirts when she was crawling as it was so short it didn't bother her.
    I think it it so cute on a toddler!
    x N

  7. I just finished one for the 4 year old and I like it so much more than I thought I would. So I think one is on the list for the little one now too!

  8. Lovely Rebecca,can't wait to see it!
    xx N