Monday, March 5, 2012

Eider Tunic Elegance

I am completely in love with Clever Charlotte patterns.
I won't try to hide it,I am a lousy poker player.
But I do have a favourite.....would you like to see?

The Eider Tunic.
Its just so jolly sweet.
But still very modern. The draw string waist is very now!
I adore the pin-tucks on the over size yoke.
The same pin-tucking is echoed in the gentle bell shaped sleeves.
None of the details are over exaggerated,but subtly suggested.
The fabric choices are endless.
Cream wool with chocolate velvet roulette buttoning down the front yoke with brown running stitch detail.
All in white linen with pearl sequins dotted on the yoke for a posh beach look-Hello Robe!
Soft denim with contrast stitching for a full on play day in the sand pit.
What will you choose for your little one?

x N

fabric by my favourite Tula Pink


  1. Oh Nicole this is just wonderful!! What a doll she is in her new tunic! Happy Birthday little one.

  2. Thank you Sharon,you are always so sweet and kind.
    Hugo was home poorly so we both made a big fuss of her!

  3. so sweet! Love the baby buggy too!

    1. Thanks Sarah.
      Jed purchased the perambulator last Christmas for Matilda,it was a bit extravagant but she loves her doll so much it was worth every cent.
      x N

  4. love the tunic, the pearls, the pram, the ribbon, all of it!

    1. Isn't it fun having little girls-dress ups all day!
      Thank you
      x N