Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Christmas Fairy Tale Tutorial Part I

I promised.......
I am sorry to have taken so long!
The first thing to do is make a muslin.
Please,I promise it won't take long and it makes all the difference to the fit.
 I used a velvet spotted tulle over a stretch poplin,laying them and cutting them as one.
I then cut the bodice using the unpicked muslin.
You will cut this as a single layer.
I then cut the lining from the same poplin.
Again,a single layer.
Then  pin the layers together taking care not to mix up the two backs.
Handling the fabric with care  baste all the edges together.
Transfer the darts to the wrong side of the fabric.
Your writing is on the right side with a muslin.
Sew the darts in place and press well.
If you tie off the point of the dart rather then reverse stitch it will give a neat pucker free finish.
Gently press with a cool iron.
I did neaten the centre back with a zigzag stitch.
 Then sew the other darts in place.
Next  sew the shoulder seam and pressed it open.
Press well and allow to cool.

Repeat with the lining.
Press well.
Sew the lining to the bodice,right sides together,at the neck line.
I like to reverse back over seam joins that will be trimmed.
Trim the seam well and clip the curves.
The better you trim and clip the neater the neckline.
After pressing well,sew the armsicle seam.
Again,trim and clip the curves and press well.
CAREFULLY pull the bodice through to the right side via the shoulder straps.
Gentle here.
Roll the seam under your fingers and smooth and shape the curves.
Once you are satisfied,press well.

Separate the lining from the bodice.
Press them seam allowance open.
I leave the side seam allowance untrimmed to help with this step.
Matching the under arm seam perfectly,pin the lining to the lining and the bodice to the bodice.
Use your notches.
Sew the seam and press it open.
Use the end of your ironing board and take lots of care with this step.
Fold the bodice back in place and press the seam well.
And there we have our bodice.
All ready to attach the skirt.
See you then!
xx N


  1. Thank you so very much for doing this. I'm yet to make it for Moo but know I will find this invaluable when I do. You're a legend!

  2. Awww,thank you Peta.
    It is a bit of a muddle as it has been so long since I have made it.
    If it is any help at all it is my absolute pleasure!

  3. I second what Peta said! Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I know what a pain it can be to edit through pics and write up how you did steps but like Peta said, these tutes are invaluable.:)

    1. Thank you Cindy,I do enjoy 'doing' tutorials in general but I am very pleased this one is finished!
      xx N

  5. Thank you Nicole! You are making me want to make one (two!) of these right NOW!

    1. Thank you Justine!
      Off you go with the village print!
      xx N