Sunday, June 9, 2013

Catch Up

Hello hello, is there anyone there?

I have been sewing, just not blogging. 
Very remiss of me. I have a partially completed Satsuki tutorial and several items waiting to have modelled pictures taken.

'No, you may not wear that until I have taken a photo of it'

Any hoo, I give up on achieving perfection.

Here goes.
Zara chose the Satsuki tunic by Victory pattern for her comfy travel/evening outfit.
I used a very stretchy cotton/rayon knit which falls beautifully but was a pain to sew.
As mentioned above, I am working on a tute as it is a really nice pattern and I look forward to making it in a woven.
I was worried the look was a wee bit sophisticated so I made some leggings from a vintage Big4 pattern in a black/white stripy knit.
She was very very pleased.
I also made Jed a new tracksuit. (Again more for travel/evening then running)
I used a vintage Kwik Sew pattern, 1242, which is no longer available to buy new but does appear on eBay every so often.
The knit is a firmish mid weight fabric which sews up really well.
I went with a navy woven for the collar and tab and used rubber buttons.
The track pants are unremarkable except for the fact that they fit perfectly.
Jed has a long torso but short legs and lopping off the bottom just looks tragic.
So, I took the time to adjust the pattern at all the correct places and  Volia, pants that fit.
I used a thick unbrushed cotton knit.
I had some special little girls birthdays coming up and when I asked their mummies what they would like the over whelming request was 'Leggings like Tildy's'!
So I made a few pairs......
I used the best legging pattern in the world , the Sunki by Figgys.
They put a serious dent in my cotton/lycra stash but were very well received so it was worth it.
Whilst I had my overlocker set for knit and with dark thread I ran up a tee and a pair of leggings for me.
There is a long term saga of sewing tee's for me and my wardrobe has many prototypes for wearing 'on farm'.
I have a Kwik Sew ladies pattern which was almost there. Good sleeves,shoulders and back but too firm across my five child belly.
After wearing an old maternity top for work I noticed how flattering the fit was. With that in mind, I re-shaped the front piece to give me more ease.
The leggings are a McCalls pattern that finishes nice and high. I use extra wide elastic in the waist for a smooth comfortable finish.
Hugo is often called on as a waiter and his size 14 Sketchbook trousers where just not going to fit anymore.
Using the Vogue 1753 mens trousers pattern and some very nice black drill I made him a pair of dressy strides.
Its the same pattern I use for his school cords but this time, rather then a lazzy waist at the back, I made them properly fitting the centre back seam before finishing the waist band.
I used a Japanese lawn for the pocket lining and fly facing. To look nice and to make things a little more interesting for me to sew.
I can't wait to show you these modelled as Hugo recently purchased himself a very nice pair of Italian dress shoes from a vintage shop.
He looks very sharp!
Finally, my latest sewing adventure and one I am very proud of is Elsa's winter coat.
It is the lovely Pavot by Deer and Doe.
I used a wool flannel which is very warm but quite soft so it will roll up nicely in her school bag.
The pattern suggests top stitching and Elsa wanted white. I wasn't sure but it was her jacket.
Once the white river stone buttons were sewn on I had to admit she was right.
Elsa was also keen to have the jacket lined.
She chose a charcoal bemsilk and I added a back vent (basted together here).
I lined with my usual method of making two jackets, putting them wrong side together and then attaching the facings.
After that I hand sew the facings in place to the lining only.
Its a beautiful fit.

Well chaps, thats is for now.

Sorry for the over load.
xx N


  1. Knew you would have been busy! Your blog tutorials obviously can't be written in a minute and the wait is always worth it.
    Now, that coat.... Wow! I have to confess I didn't think much of the websites picture, yours could absolutely sell the pattern to me! Brilliant.

    1. Thank you S, that is super kind of you and I really appreciate it.

      It is a fabulous coat and a very quick sew(for a coat pattern) I was bowled over by how quickly it came together.
      Zara would like one now so I shall blog that.

      xx N

  2. Wow!
    You put the home-sewing world to shame.

    1. Aww, thank you Deb, I have actually slowed down a lot the last few weeks with a nasty cold going through the house.
      I am hoping to get back stuck in now everyone is well again. I have some lovely new patterns calling my name.
      xx N

  3. Always here, Nicole
    And such a lovely lot of sewing to catch up on :-)

  4. Thank you Justine, you are such a sweetheart.
    xx N

  5. That coat is divine!

  6. Impressive, as usual, Nicole!
    I love love the coat (pretty nice on her) and I always loved the way you manage to make "basic" sewing interesting (the pocket details are wonderful).

  7. Thank you Ana Sofia.

    The coat is very you, perhaps she could hand it down to you when she grows out of it? he he

  8. I love,love, love your masterpieces!!! You are amazing:):)

  9. Wow, you are on FIRE, woman! So much sewing! That coat is incredible - the white topstitching looks great, although I would be pretty intimidated by white topstitching on a dark wool. Eeps!

    1. Thanks Inder, I must admit there was copious unpicking!

      But if they don't fancy it, it just doesn't get worn....

      xx N

  10. So many awesome finished sewing projects! I adore Elsa's coat...very chic!

    1. Mmmm yes, Cindy.
      Zara was to have a plaid version but she has changed her selection to the Secret Agent coat. I hope she was not 'persuaded'.

      Thank you!
      xx N

  11. So many beautiful clothes! I want to come and be your child for a while (:

  12. Thank you Joy, that is so funny and sweet.
    xx N

  13. So much beautiful sewing all in one place!

  14. I have a run of uniform sewing coming up and this post has reassured me that it is okay to sew the basic stuff too as long as you stick a bit of fabulous in there at the end (like Elsa's coat!).

  15. Exactly Katy, it makes it all the sweeter.

    xx N