Friday, July 17, 2015

Victorian Holiday Day 4

My turn (he he)
Fabric shopping at Eliza's, in Sunshine.
I have been saving up since our trip last year.
I may have bought some material.
I am so glad I wrote a list or I would have been completely overwhelmed.
The prices are so good. I picked up wool for a new coat for Hugo for $15/m. 
Teens want to wear sportswear so unbrushed fleece in black, grey and navy was another big purchase. Along with t-shirt fabric in similar shades.
As I have got into sewing jeans I took advantage of the $3/m denim.
The Twins bought themselves lots of 1m cuts of silky rayons to have City Gym shorts made.
I will post piccies, promise!
On our way back to Bendigo we stopped in at Confectionary Capers.
This place has to be seen and heard to be believed.
There are over a hundred push button activated displays.
A sense of humour is mandatory.
A quick wit is useful 
Displays that roar and spin.
Beatrix was inthralled. 
Hugo wanted to be apprenticed to the clever chap who put it all together.
The enjoyment was not just in the viewing, many of the displays encouraged you to predict what would happen when you pushed pulled or hit.
Much of the humour took a few seconds to 'get'.
It really made you think.
It was just such fun!
Even the Twins were giggling away and they wanted to stay in the van and read their books.
Home truths.
But lots of fun.
The owner was charming.
He gave us a brief introduction and then left us to wander.
Before we left he challenged us to a bean race and a chocolate bar knock down.
Elsa won both!
If you are travelling through Victoria, you must have a look.

Tomorrow, pottery courses.

Thanks for Zara for the photos.


  1. What a wonderful day with something for everyone! I bet you were the one who had the most fun, though, with all your lovely purchases. I am so glad that you all are having such a wonderful holiday. Blessings, Karen

    1. Karen, it was lovely.
      Hugo took Trixie off and Liddy carted fabric rolls up to the counter.
      We think we may take the train into Melbourne next year. The station is close by and the Littles have never been on a train.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  2. what a wacky place! Look at that Mood bag, travelling to Sunshine ;o)

    1. It was truly bizarre Colette and not at all what we expected. My face hurt from laughing.
      I had intended to ONLY fill my Mood bag..... oh well....
      xx N

  3. Love the arm pit! But I really want to see more of the fabric...

  4. I will share soon Catherine, promise!
    xx N